Write your first B2B Marketing Case Study by Shashank Rajurkar

Udemy course Write your first B2B Marketing Case Study by Shashank Rajurkar

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  • Author: Shashank Rajurkar
  • Course rating: 4.5
  • Category: Entrepreneurship
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Shashank Rajurkar

My passion is a start-up business building. Understanding how users go through their decision-making process for a new product and connecting to a new start-up business. Dedicating time and effort to really discover ways to build early traction in an efficient and faster way and, in the process, improve every aspect of messaging and channel strategies. Part of my daily routine is to learn something new, every day. My current undertaking is HTML and CSS which I have officially claimed myself to have a basic understanding of.

Write your first B2B Marketing Case Study

What the udemy Write your first B2B Marketing Case Study course teaches?

What you’ll learn Have a complete understanding on what goes into making a super B2B case study and also have one prapared & reviewd for their own businesses. Follow a proven formula to grow B2B business Gain the confidence in your B2B marketing gameplan Enhance conversion and add customers Reduce sales cycles Build trust for your product offerings

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More information about the course Write your first B2B Marketing Case Study

Customer case studies are among the most important tools for a B2B business, whether you are a B2B startup or an enterprise business or a freelancer with B2B clients. The customer case studies are the most effective tools for conversion of leads or for closing a sale in all these situations. B2B customer case study writing is perceived to be complicated and at times time consuming. There are more than one element to work on – customer relation, creativity, interviewing, presentation and all these elements look to be of a diverse nature. Learning about each of these elements and mastering them is time consuming. Creating case studies isn’t like writing a college business report. It isn’t like writing a blog post, white paper or research report, either. A case study needs to breathe life, have a story behind it and show—­­not tell—­­potential customers why your product or service solves a real problem. In short, building a case study that converts is as much an art as it is a science. This course will teach you both – arts and science about this skill.

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