Worshiper/Leader Growth: The Heart of Worship Ablaze by Charles Dupuis

Udemy course Worshiper/Leader Growth: The Heart of Worship Ablaze by Charles Dupuis

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  • Author: Charles Dupuis
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Abouth Charles Dupuis

I come from a very musical family; I am a drummer, an acoustic and electric guitar player, as well as a bass and keyboard player.  At age 22, I had the opportunity to go on the road with the christian band Wisdom .  I did mostly backing vocals with the band , but also sang some small lead vocal parts.

Worshiper/Leader Growth: The Heart of Worship Ablaze

What the udemy Worshiper/Leader Growth: The Heart of Worship Ablaze course teaches?

What you’ll learn The student will be able to recite at least 150 Characteristics/Attributes of God by memory (students can usually recite approx. 10-12 as beginners ) The newly learned Attributes ‘Reservoir’ will be used by the Worship Leader to seamlessly lead worship instead of using common fillers Students will learn how to grow their worship content by 2000, 3000, even 4000%. A MUST if you are a Worship Leader! Fillers: giving a testimony OR praying OR ‘mini preaching’ OR the request for a ‘shout of praise’ (not that these fillers are inherently wrong)

PROFOUNDLY ENLARGE YOUR WORSHIP by discovering how to worship God in His Many, Many Characteristics and Attributes.

More information about the course Worshiper/Leader Growth: The Heart of Worship Ablaze

Think of this: The more characteristics that YOU KNOW of a man, the more YOU KNOW the man – AND SO IT IS WITH GOD! In 2014, this was my question – “God, if You are so Immense, so Great, then why is my worship of You so limited?” .  I wanted more; I wanted to express my worship to Him in a large way, in a greater way that really reflected His Incredible Worth – not the scant limited worship that I eeked out. I knew the normal worship adjectives like “Worthy, Awesome, King of kings, Lord of lords” etc. (ALL Worship Leaders know these) and had an overall good worship life, but I became acutely aware that something big was missing. I didn’t know that God would hear this cry of my heart, and answer my question. Over a period of many months, He taught me to grow my worship of Him – by naming His Attributes and Characteristics – through a very simple and practical method! This is what happened: similar to meditating God’s Word, (and then your knowledge (of the passage that you’ve memorized grows in richness and depth), in the same way, by worshiping Him in His Attributes and Characteristics, my knowledge of Him grew 1000 fold! During my daily worship time, He would actually speak to me and instruct me more and more concerning facets of His Nature, Character, Abilities, and His Vastness, etc. Now, whether I have worship music playing or not, I can now worship for 8 – 10 minutes (and sometimes more) completely by memory, with a richness and depth that I had only dreamed of! It was responsible for escorting me into an adventurous personal revival! If you have ever wondered if there was more to worship, you are at the right place. I include my PDF To The King Who is Worthy , which lists over 400 Attributes and Characteristics of God . I teach the very simple method – Ascribe Worship (which if ‘free form worship’) – using a system that we use every day – the alphabet! My course will help you to be more competent , a better example , and create much, much more depth and richness in your personal worship time as well as building a greater understanding of Him in His Nature. Your appreciation of Him, and respect of Him, will greatly enlarge as His Love for you, in His Extremely Compassionate Nature, intertwines with you! In the course, I cover: *** What is Worship *** Why we should worship *** Worship is not only important, but is a PRAYER FORM *** Preparing your personal ‘soil’, and *** a very simple process (being in awe ) that shows you how to keep worship fires consistently ablaze in your life – if you have ever found yourself just “going through the motions”. Only here will you find information on the unique and exclusive method of ‘ Ascribe Worship ‘. If you desire God’s Light (clarity in your spiritual walk, peace, strength); and if you desire personal revival, you will find answers in this course. If you lead worship, you can broaden your ability before next Sunday! ‘Ascribe Worship’ is “simply profound” – it is simple (and very practical) to grasp and implement, but profound in it’s affect on you (personally) and on your ‘ripple effect’ (your personal witness and testimony to those in your circle of influence)! Learn a much greater knowledge of God – in His Nature and Character.  Invest in yourself by getting and implementing the eternal lessons provided here! Become a Free Form “Ascribe Worshiper”!

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