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Udemy course Win any job you want! by Rainier Philip Reyes

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  • Author: Rainier Philip Reyes
  • Course rating: 5.0
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Rainier Philip Reyes

I’ve been in Real Estate Sales for almost a decade already. I was once the youngest Real Estate Broker in my country way back in 2012. I became a Broker at the age of 21. I started as an In-house salesperson then 3 years later I was promoted as a Sales Manager, and a year after I became a Senior Sales Manager. After 4 years in the management position, I became one of the youngest Sales Director. Aside from Real Estate, I was able to sell health and wellness products, Foods, and even some MLM products. In a nutshell, I dedicated most of my career in sales. Now that I’m 29, I would like to share my knowledge and would like to help salespeople who are new to the industry, no proper guidance or don’t have any idea on where to start without their manager’s help.

Win any job you want!

What the udemy Win any job you want! course teaches?

What you’ll learn Setting up your own employment to increase the chance in landing your dream job Unorthodox ways to gain more confidence and knowledge Some Tricks to ace that job interview The interviewer’s psychology How to answer the common interview questions Follow Thru methods to secure the job Job interview cycle Job interview

The “Rule of thumb” in applying a job with experience to qualification mismatch

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Are you looking to level up your career? Are you looking to unleash your inner confidence? Are your one-size-fits-all answers not working? Are you tired of crazy qualifications and you know that you can do the job? If “YES” this is the right course for you. A complete guide yet the contents are enough for you to know. This course knows “NO DRAMA”, “LESS THEORIES” and more “PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE”, coming from a guy who reached the director level at the age of 27, who also experienced a lot of rejections as an applicant, to becoming a final interviewer who decides the fate of the aspiring candidates. This course: Will increase your chances to land your dream job Doesn’t get intimidated on “experience to qualification” mismatch Increases your confidence both in traditional and unorthodox approach Is a time-saver with contents that you truly need Will open your eyes to more opportunities With our step-by-step guide: 1.) Setup your employment 2.) Send your applications 3.) Schedule your job interview 4.) Traditional and Unorthodox Approach to gain confidence and combat anxiety 5.) Ways to practice 6.) How to answer common interview questions 7.) How to answer common final interview questions 8.) Things to bring to an interview 9.) The Job interview 10.) The finishing Join us as we embark on an incredible journey. Recoup up to 5x what you paid for on your first payday. You will never see opportunity as scarcity ever again…

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