WeirCox’s ULTIMATE ATLS Prep [2018] by Kaylene WeirCox, MD, FACS

Udemy course WeirCox’s ULTIMATE ATLS Prep [2018] by Kaylene WeirCox, MD, FACS

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  • Author: Kaylene WeirCox, MD, FACS
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Kaylene WeirCox, MD, FACS

Dr. Kaylene WeirCox is a board certified general surgeon and fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

WeirCox's ULTIMATE ATLS Prep [2018]

What the udemy WeirCox’s ULTIMATE ATLS Prep [2018] course teaches?

What you’ll learn Prepare for the ATLS [9th or 10th Edition] Certification or Recertification Exam with confidence. Approach the written exam with the right problem solving methodology. Approach the practical exam confidently navigating the trauma scenario. Properly care for the trauma patient using the ATLS protocol.

[UPDATED 2019 for ATLS 10] 100+ Practice Test/Quiz Questions|Chapter Notes|Curated Skills Videos|Practical Experience

More information about the course WeirCox’s ULTIMATE ATLS Prep [2018]

*** MAY 2020: THIS COURSE HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE ALL NEW – “ULTIMATE ATLS 10 PREP COURSE + 5 CME CATEGORY 1 CREDITS” *** ATLS 10TH EDITION PROTOCOL ONLY. UPDATED for ATLS 10th Edition: [1] ATLS 10 Update Video: so you know what’s new in the latest protocol [2] ATLS 9th and 10th Edition Page Number “Bridge” PDF : so that you can track a long in the latest student course manual as specific page numbers are referenced in the video lectures. If you are one of the “lucky ones” that need to take the ATLS Certification or Recertification exam then the ULTIMATE ATLS Prep course is for you. Whether you’re a Surgeon, Emergency Medicine Physician, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, Resident, or other Medical Professional working in a facility that requires certification in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) , this course will help prepare you to take the ATLS Certification or Recertification exam with confidence. As a board certified surgeon I’ve taken and passed the ATLS Certification a number of times.  When I noticed that not everyone passed the last time I took the exam and, I considered the amount of time, money, and effort spent,  I decided to put the ULTIMATE ATLS Prep together.  I simply believe we should have more tools to help us prepare for the written and the practical portions of the ATLS certification test – especially if this is your first time going through the process. I specifically designed this study guide to be comprehensive, flexible, and effective.  To achieve these goals and give you the most useful tool in your certification prep, the ULTIMATE ATLS Prep course is built on four pillars : (1) Chapter by Chapter Notes In each video lecture I give you my notes to all 13 Chapters – all of the key points and subject matter areas that I think will help you on the written and practical.  It’s a fairly detailed review of
ATLS that you can go over as many times as you like – long before the actual exam date. Now being able to review ATLS whenever, wherever, and as many times as you want to is I believe, a huge advantage over going in cold to the one or two day review before the
test. (Nothing against the one or two day review – now those lectures will really be pre-test
reviews.) (2) 100+ Practice Questions and Quiz Questions I created (along with my team) over 100 practice test and quiz questions with answers. This pillar was built to help you develop and strengthen your ability to think through the written exam questions and get to the correct answer. (A better value than going in blind or worse still, combing the internet for test questions!) (3) Curated ATLS SKills Videos I reviewed and narrowed down a host of videos demonstrating ATLS Skills necessary for ATLS certification. I also include my comments and points to remember as you view these videos.  No more wasting time clicking and hoping to stumble upon a good video. (4) Practical Guidance Because the Practical portion of the certification exam is basically one big question and many people are not experienced with this format, I give you some  guidance, from experience, throughout this prep course on how to handle working your way through the trauma scenario. Disclaimers: I’m not an official or invited instructor from the American College of Surgeons and this prep course is in no way endorsed, linked, sanctioned, funded, or affiliated in anyway with the American College of Surgeons or the ATLS Certification or Recertification courses. I’m not going to grant you any CME’s because I can’t grant you any CME’s.  Which means, to be absolutely 100% clear – you don’t get any CME’s because you took this prep course.  You will get your CME’s from the American College of Surgeons when you take and pass the ATLS Certification course. I’m not going to give you any answers from the ATLS Certification exam.*(As I mentioned above, we developed our own practice questions with answers for you.) I’m not going to guarantee you pass the test because you have to s…

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