Watercolor Painting – Understanding Tone by Arie Swanepoel

Udemy course Watercolor Painting – Understanding Tone by Arie Swanepoel

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  • Author: Arie Swanepoel
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Arie Swanepoel

I am a watercolorist and an Art Instructor. I love watercolours because of the transparency and luminosity I can achieve with them.  When I paint, I am interested in painting shapes, colours, lines, and mood rather than painting the subject. My work is known for my Loose expressive painting style.

Watercolor Painting - Understanding Tone

What the udemy Watercolor Painting – Understanding Tone course teaches?

What you’ll learn What tone is. How to judge tone to improve your own painting skill. How light and shadows effect tone. How to use edges in your paintings. You will do two valuable exercises to improve your skills and understanding of tone. You will do a project: Paint with me – a monochrome painting of two old boots. You will do a second project: Paint with me – Seeing color as tone with a painting of a scavenger bird.

I believe this course will assist you in judging tone and improve your painting skills.

More information about the course Watercolor Painting – Understanding Tone

Understanding tone can be one of the most difficult concepts to understand when painting in watercolours. But it is also the most rewarding skill to learn to produce high quality art. If you are one of those artists who’s artwork sometimes appears to be faded and you have always wander how you could improve your painting skills, this course is for you. I’ve invested years in learning the fundamentals behind watercolour art. When you learn and paint with me, you’ll become a better artist and improve your own signature style. So I made it a point in this course to really concentrate on tonal values and how to judge tone.

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