Vue.js 2 for absolute beginners by Michel Martin

Udemy course Vue.js 2 for absolute beginners by Michel Martin

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Course data:

  • Author: Michel Martin
  • Course rating: 5.0
  • Category: Programming Languages
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Michel Martin

Hi everybody,

Vue.js 2 for absolute beginners

What the udemy Vue.js 2 for absolute beginners course teaches?

What you’ll learn Create responsive user interfaces Add features to an existing web project Create SPA web applications (single page) Create mobile apps (Android and iOS) Acquire knowledge to properly program in Vue js 2 (methods, computed properties, data binding, directives, etc.) Learn how to create a components hierarchy Use the Vue-Cli interface (application creation, render methods, JSX, functional components). Facilitate communication between components with the Vuex state manager, or with observables. Create plugins for Vue JS Use mixins, custom directives and NuxtJS

Learn Vue.js by building components and connected apps

More information about the course Vue.js 2 for absolute beginners

This video training was designed for JavaScript programmers who want to learn how to use the Vue.js 2 framework. Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js can be adopted as and when required. It can also coexist with existing JavaScript logic without interfering with it. You will use Vue.js to: Create responsive user interfaces from scratch Add features to an existing Web project Create SPA web applications Create applications for mobiles (both Android and iOS) Today Vue.js is a very popular framework. Certainly because it is easy to set up, offers very good performance and can be used more or less extensively, depending on what is needed. When I started creating this video training course, I had two choices: Create a common thread and gradually integrate the different concepts learned throughout the training. Create independent examples to easily and quickly learn the different concepts of Vue.js. I am a face-to-face trainer and I was able to experiment these two approaches. Although the first has its fervent followers, the second gives better results in terms of learning, because each example can be chosen in an extremely precise way, without having to follow a logic of global integration which could neglect certain aspects of what needs to be learned. It is therefore this second approach that was adopted. Each topic is approached independently and illustrates a particular aspect of Vue.js: computed properties, data binding, directives, event management, conditional classes, props, custom events, lifecycle hooks, etc. etc .. Many exercises are available to you. When you are asked to stop scrolling the video, play the game: stop the video and code as you like, starting with a standard skeleton or a blank page. You will see that by doing so, your learning curve will be very fast. When you have finished coding, you can resume scrolling the video: a correction will be offered. This training is very comprehensive. Here are some of the topics covered: Standard view and ViewModel programming: methods, computed, data binding, bidirectional binding, directives (v-model, v-bind, v-html, v-for, v-cloak, v-once, v-if and many others). Local and global components, communication between components and the ViewModel, prioritization of an application using components, slots, filters, watchers, transitions and animations. SPA applications (routing, navigation guards). Vue-Cli command line interface (application creation, render methods, JSX, functional components). Vuex state manager, Vue.observable, plugins. Mixins, personalized directives, NuxtJS, mobile applications. All the source codes of the training are available. I can only advise you one thing: experience the code for yourself, code and progress at your own pace. Little by little, Vue.js will seem more and more familiar to you and you will appreciate its power and flexibility. So … Happy coding!

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