Virtualbox Mastercourse: Virtual Machines Step by Step by Jesse Moran

Udemy course Virtualbox Mastercourse: Virtual Machines Step by Step by Jesse Moran

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  • Author: Jesse Moran
  • Course rating: 3.6
  • Category: IT & Software
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Jesse Moran

Jesse Moran holds degrees in Systems Administration & Engineering along with a degree in Business Administration & Marketing.

Virtualbox Mastercourse: Virtual Machines Step by Step

What the udemy Virtualbox Mastercourse: Virtual Machines Step by Step course teaches?

What you’ll learn Operate Virtualbox with great knowledge Install a variety of operating systems Easily create and manage multiple virtual machines Share files, drag and drop files between host and guest operating systems Configure virtual machine options Send a virtual machine from your computer to another computer

Learn everything you need to use VirtualBox for VMs with easy to follow step by step instructions. Install multiple OS!

More information about the course Virtualbox Mastercourse: Virtual Machines Step by Step

Oracle VirtualBox is a type 2 Virtualizer for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris, that enables you to install one or multiple operating systems within your own operating system. You can run Linux inside your Windows environment to use the operating system or teach yourself Linux.  There is no longer a need to do a ‘dual boot’ on your computer. In this course you will be able to: Download and install VirtualBox, Yes, it’s FREE! Create virtual machines to run other operating systems Learn more about what a Virtual Machine is Install Guest Additions to allow amazing features inside your virtual machine Share files between your host operating system and guest operating system Create a seamless environment between your virtual machine and host OS to use both environments at the same time and you can barely even tell your using a virtual machine!  AMAZING! And More! BONUS SECTION: I show you how to get Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 in a prepackaged virtual machine FREE & LEGAL! I’ll go thru all the steps you need from scratch to get you up and running.  I’ll take you from someone who might have heard about a virtual machine to someone that installs and uses virtual machines like a pro! We will go thru the process to install the following operating systems: Windows 7 Windows 10 Ubuntu Desktop Once you install one operating system there isn’t much of a difference between the other operating installations, which is why this course will not install 15 different operating systems and only a few and really focus on the features of Virtualbox and how to use your virtual machine. Virtual Machines allow you to: Learn a new operating system Test software and changes in a ‘safe’ environment that can be ‘reset’ Install software and features and export the Virtual Machine to send to another machine Run old applications on an older operating system while still using your latest version of your operating system Access Virus-Infected Data Browse the web in a completely safe environment, protecting your Host Operating system Run Linux on top of Windows (or Windows on top of Linux) Back Up an entire operating system Create a personal cloud computer Run headless for web development Make a backup of your server for emergencies And more! Don’t mess with your main operating system where you can break it! Use a virtual machine and go to town, use a snapshot to go back to a point where it was working again. I know you are ready to jump in and get started and I can’t wait to help you along the way! WELCOME TO THE COURSE Jesse

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