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Udemy course Virtual Production 101 Masterclass by Video Tutorials

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Virtual Production 101 Masterclass

What the udemy Virtual Production 101 Masterclass course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to set up a virtual production work workflows What hardware to use and why Shoot your first VP scene! Learn more about this exciting new industry Use Unreal Engine to setup realtime Virtual Production enviroments Use Blender and smartphone app to track cameras Motion tracking tricks and tips bonuses! How does virtual production work How much does virtual production cost How to get into virtual production

Get started and learn to use VP today. Unreal Engine 4, Blender, mocap, VR use cases for virtual productions!

More information about the course Virtual Production 101 Masterclass

In this course, we intend to give you a solid set of techniques and tool s to begin your jorney in this exciting frontier called Virtual Production . The tutorial series uses a practical, hands-on approach to teach you how to build VP projects and applications using the Unreal Engine. Each chapter walks you step-by-step through the process of building the essential building blocks of a VP you can use in your own studio application. We pair these steps with in-depth explanations of what’s really going on when you follow them and why things are done the way they are. It’s this why that matters. Understanding how the underlying systems and ideas work is crucial to the work you’ll do on your own after you’ve finished these tutorials, and, in this class, we’ve tried to give you both—an understanding of what to do to build a VP application, and the background you’ll need in order to use this course as a springboard for your own wor.You should come away from this course with a solid understanding of how VP workflows are built, and what specifically you need to know and understand about the Unreal Engine 4.25, 2.46+ and Blender 2.83+ to set this all up! Most of the software used in this course is free to use even for commercial projects to use so you can get started right away. It’s our hope that the work we do together here will set you up to take your exploration into this new frontier wherever you want to go.Who this course is for If you’re interested in creating Virtual Production setups, VR games or applications, interested in seeing how VR makes VP work eaiser this content is for you. If you are just interested in exploring VR and seeing what it can do for VP, this course also for you. You don’t have to be an experienced engineer or even deeply experienced with Unreal Engine to benefit or get started with this course; we explain everything as we go. Viewers who are entirely new to Unreal Engine will find it helpful to run through Epic’s getting started tutorials before diving in here, just so you know where everything is, but this course is carefully stuctured appropriate for both experienced Unreal users who need to learn specifically how Unreal works with VP, and for new Unreal users just finding their way around. Whether you’re entirely new to VP development and to Unreal, you’ve already been working in another engine, or you know your way around Unreal but are new to VP, this masterclass should be able to provide a lot of value. And we hope even those already well versed in VP&VR creation using Unreal Engine find a few interesting new perspectives and techniques as well. We plan to update this course every two to three months with fresh VP content as new features get added. This is a WIP and all our courses get updated for years after release. We keep content up to date as new engine updates come every month. Do not miss out on this opporunity join today and start shooting today using Virtual Production!

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