Verilog HDL Through Examples by Sujithkumar MA

Udemy course Verilog HDL Through Examples by Sujithkumar MA

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  • Author: Sujithkumar MA
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  • Category: IT & Software
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Abouth Sujithkumar MA

Self motivated budding electronics and communication engineer who can work on multiple roles. Interested in Modelling digital circuits using hardware description languages. Have a strong grasp of Verilog, Computer Architecture, C, C++, Java, Embedded C, Python, Data Structures, Algorithms, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Loves to teach and so being a course instructor in Udemy, Learnfly and Guruface Inc. Cross Platform Application developer specialized in Google Flutter with Dart Programming and using Firebase as the backend. Skilled to work in tools such as MATLAB, Simulink, Xilinx Vivado, TinkerCAD, Proteus Design Suite, Camtasia and Altium Designer for PCB Design

Verilog HDL Through Examples

What the udemy Verilog HDL Through Examples course teaches?

What you’ll learn Verilog HDL Digital Design in Verilog HDL

Learn Verilog HDL to model digital circuits from the scratch through various examples

More information about the course Verilog HDL Through Examples

Hey there, I welcome you all to my course ‘Verilog HDL through Examples’ Why Verilog? 1. To describe any digital system – microprocessor, memory, flip flop, Verilog is used. Hence it’s called as a hardware description language. 2. Using Verilog, we can model any electronic component and generate the schematic for the same. 3. For timing analysis and test analysis of circuits, Verilog is apt. Highlights of the course: 1. Key differences between a programming language like C, C++ or Python and a hardware description language like Verilog, VHDL, SystemVerilog are clearly 2. All the fundamental concepts of Verilog are explained through standard combinational and sequential circuits. 3. Learning through examples make them very simpler to learn. 4. Proper theoretical explanation is provided for each of the circuit that is implemented in verilog in this course. 5. Testbench for each design and knowing how to test and validate them. 6. Creating Finite State Machines in Verilog. 7. Download the code and design for each of the circuits in the resources section. 8. Getting to know how to use EDA Playground for Verilog coding and how to generate the output waveform using EPWave. 9. Some of the key concepts of Verilog like Levels of Abstraction, Two types of assignments, Producing delay, generating clock, Procedural assignments are all explained clearly.

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