Verilog HDL Interview Preparation Guide by Kumar Khandagle

Udemy course Verilog HDL Interview Preparation Guide by Kumar Khandagle

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  • Author: Kumar Khandagle
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Abouth Kumar Khandagle

I am working as FPGA Developer Lead in India’s Finest Financial Technology Firm for the development of a next-generation High-Frequency Trading platform on Xilinx Alveo FPGA Cards. Before Joining Fintech, I spent three years as a VLSI Trainer at Mumbai University, India, and one year as Research Scientist at the Prominent R&D Centre for Applied Electronic Research of India contributing to the development of  Gradient Controller,64 Mhz Receiver on FPGA for Indigenous MRI Machine. During my free time, I love to develop Udemy Courses. I also collaborated with Larsen & Toubro Technology Services, Power International in the development of various FPGA based Systems such as Simultaneous DAQ, Multi-channel Logic Analyzers, and DTS. My area of interest includes Front End VLSI Design, SoC, and Chip Verification.

Verilog HDL Interview Preparation Guide

What the udemy Verilog HDL Interview Preparation Guide course teaches?

What you’ll learn Frequently asked Verilog Interview Questions Common Verilog Design Styles Common Digital Circuits and Implementation with Verilog

Step by Step Tutorials with simple examples

More information about the course Verilog HDL Interview Preparation Guide

Verilog, standardized as IEEE 1364, is a hardware description language (HDL) used to design Digital Systems. Verilog remains a popular choice among Engineers working in the designing of a Digital System on FPGA. A Verilog HDL can also be used for performing verification at primary stages before proceeding towards extensive Design Verification with System Verilog. This Couse illustrates the fundamentals of Blocking, Non-blocking Operator, continuous and Procedural Assignment with simple examples focusing on the questions frequently asked in the Technical Interview round. The course also covers File I/O, SYnthesizable RTL Constructs, Common Counters, FSM Extractions, FPGA Methodology to ease Interview Preparation. Some of the common circuit-related questions are also covered to help understand the tricky question. Few sections consist of FPGA Design Flow, Common communication interfaces, and their implementation in Verilog which can also be mentioned in the CV to build CV. The Course is framed in a Question & Answer manner with a small video explanation to felicitate completion of the entire course within few hours before appearing for the interviews and without compromising on the FUndamentals. The key to success is to keep fundamentals of HDL clear and a thorough understanding of the Project mentioned in the CV. Good Luck with the Course.

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