Veezy’s Jazz Theory Room by Veezy Coffman

Udemy course Veezy’s Jazz Theory Room by Veezy Coffman

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  • Author: Veezy Coffman
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Music
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Veezy Coffman

Veezy Coffman

Veezy's Jazz Theory Room

What the udemy Veezy’s Jazz Theory Room course teaches?

What you’ll learn Students will learn how to read and identify note/rest types and values Students will learn how to read, identify, and use different types of music clefs Students will learn how to read, interpret, and apply dynamic symbols and articulation patterns to music for both classical and jazz Students will learn how to identify, recognize, label, and build Major note intervals. Students will learn how to use The Circle and The Cycle for Major Keys. Students will learn the formula for building any Major scale.

Basic Music Theory

More information about the course Veezy’s Jazz Theory Room

Course Overview: This course is intended for all audiences with musical interest. Whether you are a musician looking to enhance your own skills, you are interested in teaching jazz theory, or you are someone who doesn’t perform but is interested in music “mechanics”, this course is tailored for all audiences levels. This is a basic music theory course. Topics like how to read time signatures, clefs, and dynamics are what this course is about. The course also introduces you to some intermediate topics like Intervals (only major intervals are covered in this course), The Circle of Fifths, and the Cycle of Fourths. This classroom consists of video lectures, practice assignments, PowerPoint materials for the students, audio files for ear-training, and a final comprehensive self-assessment at the end of the course for you to see what you may or may not need to go back and review. If you have any questions about the content in this course, feel free to contact Veezy. Veezy also offers online lessons in saxophone (all ages) and piano (beginning fundamentals). Reach out to her if you would like to set up private instrument lessons. For upcoming live performances, projects, events, news, and more that Veezy is doing, follow her on Facebook and YouTube! About the instructor: Veezy Coffman is a performing artist, novelist, and craftsperson. She focuses all of her music, literature, and visual artwork around the jazz era in the hope that she can keep that part of America’s culture alive. She is based in West Virginia, and she currently works as both a solo jazz artist around WV, KY, and OH.  She is also a member of The 1937 Flood: The Band Not the Natural Disaster. Veezy is a dual major in music and businesses, with emphases in Jazz Performance and Entrepreneurship. Her main instrumental focus is the saxophone, but she plays secondary instruments in guitar, piano, and vocals.

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