Urban Survival – Volume 1 by Rich P Hungerford

Udemy course Urban Survival – Volume 1 by Rich P Hungerford

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  • Author: Rich P Hungerford
  • Course rating: 4.6
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Rich P Hungerford

Rich P Hungerford is a former Australian SAS soldier, team leader and instructor who now teaches survival, tracking and bushcraft skills at his Bush Lore Survival School in Queensland, Australia.

Urban Survival - Volume 1

What the udemy Urban Survival – Volume 1 course teaches?

What you’ll learn After competing this course you will have a clear and common sense understanding of how to prepare yourself, your family and community for any large scale disaster event in the future. This course focuses on common sense, real world proven skills and knowledge that account for the reality of duress, stress and confusion in real survival situations.

How to Survive Urban Disaster Events – Volume 1

More information about the course Urban Survival – Volume 1

“May you live in interesting times!” ~ Without question humanity is certainly doing that and we as a species are potentially facing major challenges just around the corner. Such challenges may affect cities, regions, countries, or even the entire global community and may take the form of man made or natural disaster events or both. Things are happening so be as prepared as you possibly can be, as an individual, a family and as a community. This course takes you step by step through what you need to do to ensure your as prepared as you can be for any disruption to the normal supply chain that every urban space depends completely upon everyday. It teaches you how to think to survive, how to manage your intrinsic acute stress (fight/flight) response. What to prepare and why. The course focuses on ensuring that you understand what life support measures you need to address in a collapsed urban space. It shows you what you need to do to keep your family safe! No matter your level of experience in preparedness and urban survival, this course will assist you to begin preparing or enhance your current level of readiness. Employing a simple, practical and common sense approach to the complexity of disasters of all natures in the urban situation, this course will bolster your chances of getting out alive. Real world experience of conflict zones, disaster events and survival have informed what is included in the curriculum of this course. This is not just a collection of useful tips, tricks and hacks for urban survival – It is a no nonsense, straight forward and complete urban survival system. “Prepare for the worst – hope for the best”.

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