Understand Football (Soccer) better with Phases of Play by Aaron Tyler

Udemy course Understand Football (Soccer) better with Phases of Play by Aaron Tyler

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  • Author: Aaron Tyler
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Abouth Aaron Tyler

Coaching is a challenge but also incredibly rewarding. When it goes well, when you have helped a child or an adult under your care to get better, when all of your hard work has resulted in success, when someone says thank you, you’re on top of the world.

Understand Football (Soccer) better with Phases of Play

What the udemy Understand Football (Soccer) better with Phases of Play course teaches?

What you’ll learn Understand the Phases of Play in Football / Soccer Understand why Phases of Play are so important for Coaches and Analysts in Football / Soccer Learn how to Identify Phases of Play in Football / Soccer Learn about the Attacking and Defending Myth in Football / Soccer How to use Phases of Play in Coaching Youth Football / Soccer Why Phases of Play are so important in Football / Soccer Tactics

Great for Coaches, Analysts and Football Fans

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Do you love football (soccer)? Do you want to know more about football and understand more about what is happening on the pitch? Are you a coach or an analyst (or want to be) and want to be able to help your players even more? Then this course is for you. During every game of football there are multiple Phases of Play. These are moments in the game when the players need to make Tactical Decisions, do things differently and try to be better than their opponent. With every change in Phase of Play, every player, and the team collectively, need to respond and do something different. What will I learn? This course will teach you one of the fundamentals of football – Phases of Play. At the end of the course you will be able to: Explain what a Phase of Play is Identify what Phase of Play any game is in and when there is a change in Phase of Play Understand the importance of Tactical Decisions around Phases of Play Understand why a Coach or Analyst must use Phases of Play Understand how to introduce the concept of Phases of Play to Youth Players As a bonus, you will also get an insight to Advanced Phases of Play and the 12 Moments of the Game. Course Structure The course consists of 6 key lessons and are presented in Video format with accompanying slides. There are examples from the professional game including Manchester United, Everton, Liverpool, RB Liepzig and Borussia Dortmund. Each lesson is delivered in simple and easy to understand language whilst also giving you the right level of detail. The Tutor The course is delivered by UEFA Licensed Coach Aaron Tyler. Aaron is a former English FA Coach Mentor and has been coaching for over 19 years. He is currently a Youth Development Phase Coach at Bristol City and U23 Head Coach at National League side Keynsham Town Ladies. He is also Founder of Pro7 Soccer coach education. Testimonials “The overall simplicity of the lessons, the quality of the presentations and the level of detail are all brilliant. I loved the course and cannot wait to continue learning with Aaron and Pro7 Soccer.” – Vin Blaine, Fifa Coach Educators Mentor, US Virgin Islands I’m delighted that you are interested in my course and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Yours in Football Aaron

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