Ultimate Sound Design Recipe Book Vol 3: Drums & Vocals by Jason Allen

Udemy course Ultimate Sound Design Recipe Book Vol 3: Drums & Vocals by Jason Allen

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  • Author: Jason Allen
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Music
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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** J. is the #1 best selling music teacher on Udemy. He is the author of the #1 best selling music theory course on Udemy, “Music Theory Comprehensive” (12 parts), and Music Theory for Electronic Musicians (3 parts), which have been purchased by more than 70,000 students in 11 languages in 196 countries.**

Ultimate Sound Design Recipe Book Vol 3: Drums & Vocals

What the udemy Ultimate Sound Design Recipe Book Vol 3: Drums & Vocals course teaches?

What you’ll learn Sound Design techniques from industry professionals Building drum sounds with synthesis Making great kick sounds Giving life to hi-hats Making a “Snare Selector” Mastering the 808 Creating great drum fills Vocal processing tricks

A class designed for those who want to master sound design by learning from some of the best artists producing today.

More information about the course Ultimate Sound Design Recipe Book Vol 3: Drums & Vocals

Welcome to Ultimate Sound Design Recipe Book, Vol 3: Drums and Vocals! In this class, you won’t just be hearing from me. You will have 5 incredibly experienced, professional instructors. I’ll be one of them, but I’ve brought in some of the top sound designers working right now to give up their secrets. Jack Denny: Best known for his role as one of three producers and performers in the super-group Ternion Sound. These guys are all over the world right now. Joe Dumpling: Known primarily under his alias Dumpling, Joe is a top-notch producer and multi-instrumentalist. And an experienced teacher, too! Zak Khan: Zak is making some of the funkiest, coolest music I’ve heard in a long time, so I was super excited he agreed to help out with some videos here. Get ready for something special. James Patrick: You’ve met James before in some of my other classes, but he is also a world-renowned producer and performer, and accomplished teacher (and Ableton Certified Trainer) Me! I’ll be guiding you through all of the lessons from these guests and filling in anything that needs to be filled in. The goal of this class is to help you define your sound by learning some of the tricks of the best in the world. 100% Answer Rate! Every single question posted to this class is answered within 24 hours by the instructor. Software: This course is NOT specific to any DAW program. This is a course about techniques. Most techniques that you see the instructors doing can be replicated in several different applications. We will focus here on techniques, and learning with step-by-step examples of how to make specific sounds. Topics Covered: Making Drum Sounds from Anything Giving Life to your Kick Transients and “Beaters” Making a Snare Drum Selector Giving Live to your Hihats The Original 808 Recreating 808 Sounds Drum Fills Resampling Drums Finding Vocal Samples Chopping and Processing Vocal Samples Turning Vocals into Drum Sounds And much, much more! If you are ready to start making professional sounding tracks, this is the class that will start you on that journey. Get started today. Dr. Allen is a university music professor and is a top-rated Udemy instructor – with nearly 100 courses and over 300,000 students. In 2017 Star Tribune Business featured him as a “Mover and a Shaker,” and he is recognized by the Grammy Foundation for his music education classes. ** I guarantee that this course is the most thorough sound design course available ANYWHERE on the market – or your money back (30-day money-back guarantee) ** Closed captions have been added to all lessons in this course. ——————————————————————— Praise for Courses by Jason Allen: ⇢ “It seems like every little detail is being covered in an extremely simple fashion. The learning process becomes relaxed and allows complex concepts to get absorbed easily. My only regret is not taking this course earlier.” – M. Shah ⇢ “Great for everyone without any knowledge so far. I bought all three parts… It’s the best investment in leveling up my skills so far..” – Z. Palce ⇢ “Excellent explanations! No more or less than what is needed.” – A. Tóth ⇢ “VERY COOL. I’ve waited for years to see a good video course, now I don’t have to wait anymore. Thank You!” – Jeffrey Koury ⇢ “I am learning LOTS! And I really like having the worksheets!” – A. Deichsel ⇢ “The basics explained very clearly – loads of really useful tips!” – J. Pook ⇢ “Jason is really quick and great with questions, always a great resource for an online class!” M. Smith —————————————————————————- Students who register for this course will receive ongoing exclusive content and discounts for all future classes in the series.

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