Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 by B.M. Wizi

Udemy course Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 by B.M. Wizi

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Course data:

  • Author: B.M. Wizi
  • Course rating: 4.1
  • Category: Music
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth B.M. Wizi

Hi my name is Ghani Wijdan Malik and people call me Wizi which is my nick name. i am a guitar teacher and i have been playing guitar from 11 years and i am teaching guitar from last 7 years . I fell in love with the instrument Guitar when i was just 15 years old and the first chord that i heard was C major chord and it was an awesome moment. I started learning guitar and just after 6 month i got scholarship and i went to learn guitar, after 4 years of learning i joined a band and worked with several other bands also worked in recording studio, but my main focus and happiness was in teaching music and from the day i completed my education in music i had students from the very first week.

Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course Level 1

What the udemy Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Will able to play guitar in the right way. Will learn all Major & Minor scale. Will play scales with different exercises. Will learn songs tune on every scale. Will learn all major minor chords and application. Will learn Music Theory based on each lecture. Will learn playing techniques Soloing or Rhythms. Will learn Songs On demand through Reviews or Private message. Will learn how to sing and play guitar in the same time. Will get new videos everyday Will get new requested songs/tunes lessons every week Show more Show less

A New Start to Play Guitar and Ultimately Building your Own Style of Playing – New Video Updates Everyday!

More information about the course Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course Level 1

Hi, Welcome to Ultimate Beginners Guitar Course. This is Wizi and i will be instructing in this course. Here you will learn basic guitar playing, you will be learning not only guitar but also music as a whole. This guitar lesson series are made for beginners that will continues to other series of guitar lessons such as Intermediate, Advance and Master level guitar leaning. In this specific beginners guitar lesson series i have targeted those who wants to play the Guitar and have courage to learn. There will be focus on Slow & Accurate learning in this beginners guitar lessons series. We will be learning some Basic Scales and Chords with that we will be practicing a lot on these guitar scales and chords to move towards learning songs. As a teacher i have realized that putting too much information is not good for starters they just want to get some results in shorter period of time so i designed this course where there will be some knowledge and main focus will be on practice and learning songs so that one can get interested in learning more. I am pleased to announce that i will be making some more high level course and it is my promise to all of my students that i will be giving all the information that i will ever know on music and the instrument Guitar. I am planing to make these four guitar lessons series for beginners and moving the beginners to intermediate, advance and professional/master level, and i hope i will get successful in my goal. I would like to say thanks to all the students who have enrolled in my courses and i really appreciate any suggestions and the things that i missed or any request on any of my courses will be entertained immediately Thanks!

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