Treating Encopresis (Pooping) Accidents by Randy Hyde PhD

Udemy course Treating Encopresis (Pooping) Accidents by Randy Hyde PhD

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  • Author: Randy Hyde PhD
  • Course rating: 4.9
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Randy Hyde PhD

For over 30 years Dr. Randy Hyde, Child & Family Clinical Psychologist, has dedicated his life to understanding the science of psychology and helping people on a daily basis. During that amount of time he has also been training other psychology doctoral students in helping others overcome challenges and maximize their lives and potential. He is an instructor and developer of successful therapeutic programs and trainings. He has said that if a person knows what to do, how to do it and has confidence in doing it through repeated practice – that is the formula for success. Dr. Randy Hyde just naturally loves people and imparts his warmth, training and knowledge in an easy to learn and apply, fun and humorous way.

Treating Encopresis (Pooping) Accidents

What the udemy Treating Encopresis (Pooping) Accidents course teaches?

What you’ll learn You will understand and recognize the difference between Retentive and Non-Retentive Encopresis and how to successfully treat both. You will understand the physiology that usually drives Encopresis and how to give your child the skills and know-how to resolve this now and for the rest of their lives. You will receive an easy-to-implement step-by-step process that will guide you and your child to success. You will understand how to utilize your pediatrician or family doctor to assist in remediation.

This simple & easy to follow parenting program explains what causes encopresis and how to most successfully overcome it

More information about the course Treating Encopresis (Pooping) Accidents

Dr. Randy Hyde has been treating Encopresis successfully for over 30 years. He will show you exactly what causes it and how to treat it successfully yourself. There are two different types of Encopresis, Dr. Hyde will explain both, how to easily differentiate between the two and how to achieve success with either one. My heart breaks for the kids, and the mothers of the kids, who struggle with Encopresis. For most, it is embarrassing and discouraging that they cannot overcome accidents. It usually affects their self-esteem and confidence. They often experience rejection from peers and others who don’t understand that it is usually beyond their control. Parents often are frustrated, discouraged and upset with themselves for not being able to help their child get “potty trained” or believe their child is just lazy. Often kids get so discouraged they “give up” and seem like they don’t care that they are having accidents. The truth is, this is most often a simple physiological and genetic difficulty that can be easily turned around with the right know-how and intervention. I am giving you the same easy-to-implement treatment program that I have successfully used for over 30 years for a fraction of the cost that it would take to see me professionally. You will understand the difference between retentive and non-retentive encopresis and how to treat both. You will know how to best use your medical doctor to help in the diagnosis and treatment of encopresis. You will learn how to motivate your child to cooperate with treatment. You will be using the same program Dr. Hyde uses to successfully treat encopresis.

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