Top-12 Strategies & Skills for Epic Success & Fulfillment by Christopher Babson

Udemy course Top-12 Strategies & Skills for Epic Success & Fulfillment by Christopher Babson

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  • Author: Christopher Babson
  • Course rating: 5.0
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Christopher Babson

Chris is a former Fortune-20 Vice President and a popular peak performance and leadership instructor at UCLA (since 2013) and in the corporate market (since 2009).

Top-12 Strategies & Skills for Epic Success & Fulfillment

What the udemy Top-12 Strategies & Skills for Epic Success & Fulfillment course teaches?

What you’ll learn Get the top strategies and skills life’s most successful and fulfilled people use to achieve abundant prosperity. See significant improvements in your life, career and income. Stop wasting your life building someone else’s dream through a meaningless “job” and begin building your dream. Find and build purpose-filled meaning in your work and your life. Be successful by impacting your world with your skills, gifts and passions. Be more productive, engaged and impactful. Actualize your greatest personal and professional potential. Build wealth while having a positive influence on many lives. Feel greater inner peace, satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Master your personal power to make your mark in your world. Celebrate epic success in your career and finances. Master a positive, productive, growth mindset. Wake energized with a passionate commitment to your purpose-filled mission. Get a huge boost in motivation, engagement and performance in your career and life. Show more Show less

How Life’s Most Successful and Fulfilled People Prosper Personally, Professionally and Financially. And How You Can Too.

More information about the course Top-12 Strategies & Skills for Epic Success & Fulfillment

If you want results… and sooner, not later… invest in this targeted course. In this course, you get short, cut-to-the-chase, actionable and powerful instruction that, when employed, will massively improve your life, career and income. Video-duration is 1.5 hours of to-the-point, actionable advice.  No fluff. No rambling. No useless stories or trying to impress you with how much I know. Don’t waste time with epic 10-hour courses that simply ramble on, trying to fill time and impress you with the speaker’s information. Knowledge (information) is NOT power. The effective, habitual USE of knowledge is power. This course gives you written exercises for each video, so you begin to turn this great information into PERSONAL POWER. Develop yourself, your life and your career into your greatest dreams and potential. Life’s most successful and fulfilled people think, feel, behave and act differently than everyone else. This course gives you the Top-12 Strategies and Skills these people use to achieve such abundantly prosperous lives, careers and incomes. Your mind and brain are your “operating system.” They determine everything you know, believe, perceive, do and achieve. Much like your computer’s operating system, if your personal operating system isn’t constantly upgraded, optimized, managed and employed, you cannot perform and succeed to your great potential. This course lays the foundational groundwork in your mind and brain for your optimal mindset, skills, habits, behaviors and activities. So you will begin to think, act and succeed in ways that life’s most successful AND fulfilled people think, act and behave. You’ll learn how to think beyond limitations… and into your greatest potential in work, living and results. Achieving your greatest possible personal fulfillment and professional and financial success.

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