Tinder Firestore Clone | Swift 5 & iOS 13 | MVVM by Stephan Dowless

Udemy course Tinder Firestore Clone | Swift 5 & iOS 13 | MVVM by Stephan Dowless

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  • Author: Stephan Dowless
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Mobile Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Stephan Dowless

I am a professional, self taught iOS Developer with 2 apps published to the App Store. In my courses I will teach you everything I learned on my journey to becoming a professional iOS Developer, from knowing nothing about programming at all!

Tinder Firestore Clone | Swift 5 & iOS 13 | MVVM

What the udemy Tinder Firestore Clone | Swift 5 & iOS 13 | MVVM course teaches?

What you’ll learn Build a Tinder clone with iOS 13, Swift 5 & Firestore without the use of storyboards Use MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) Framework Swiping capability with UIPanGestureRecognizer Build a fully functioning dating app with matchmaking capability Upload photos with Firebase Storage Advanced auto-layout and programmatic UI skills with Swift Register and authenticate users using Firebase Advanced UI/UX development to build a clean and visually appearing user interface Advanced UIStackView development Advanced Swift techniques and architecture patterns

Tinder Clone for iOS 13 using Swift 5, Firestore and MVVM Architecture with Matchmaking, Swiping & More!

More information about the course Tinder Firestore Clone | Swift 5 & iOS 13 | MVVM

What are we building? In this course, you will learn how to build a complete version of Tinder ready to be published on the App Store. Throughout the process, you will develop high level programming, app design and app development skills.  We will be building this without the use of storyboards, fully programmatically. Prior Experience? Some programming and basic Xcode experience is preferred. The course will move a little fast if you’re a complete beginner, but you will pick things up along the way. Why take this course? Learning advanced development skills should be taught using real world examples. This course will teach you how to build a fully functional dating application, from complete scratch. You will be learning advanced front and backend development skills, from a real life professional developer. You will learn how to code like a pro, and everything will be explained in detail along the way. This will teach you to build production ready applications, that are easily scalable and maintainable. This also makes for a great project to add to your portfolio, which you can use to show off to potential employers if you’re trying to become a pro. What will you learn and what features are included? User Authentication with Firebase Swiping capability to like or dislike users Match with users Like or dislike with action buttons Upload multiple profile photos Ability to cycle through user photos User profile page that displays user information and contains all user photos Ability to like or dislike user from profile page Change user information from settings page (photos, name, bio etc..) Model View ViewModel (MVVM) Architecture UI is built fully programatically without the use of storyboards Reusable custom view subclasses and extensions that you can use in any app Assets that are exact replicas of tinder icons and images Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Swift 5 & Xcode 11 Advanced level programming and app development skills Advanced level User Interface Design Advanced level back end engineering How to authenticate and register users with Firebase How to communicate with a database (Firestore) How to monitor events in a database How to upload images to Firebase How to structure data for optimum performance How to build a fully functioning dating mobile application How to programmatically construct views and controllers How to parse incoming JSON data from database How to use CocoaTouch classes, UIKit, UserNotifications and more How to use CocoaPods and custom third party APIs How to implement/use protocols and delegates How to implement custom subclasses for clean and reusable code How to dynamically size collection view cells How to create extensions and functions for clean and reusable code

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