Theatrics! Theatre Production For Beginners. by Reuben Cheow

Udemy course Theatrics! Theatre Production For Beginners. by Reuben Cheow

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  • Author: Reuben Cheow
  • Course rating: 5.0
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Reuben Cheow

Reuben has been embedded in the Malaysian theatre scene for 14 years (including a short stint in Australia). After gaining his certifications in Australia, he started as a theatre practitioner, then educator. Within the last 10 years, he has been teaching secondary school students and adults while concurrently managing the collective arts departments for three international schools under Ace EdVenture.

Theatrics! Theatre Production For Beginners.

What the udemy Theatrics! Theatre Production For Beginners. course teaches?

What you’ll learn Understanding the basics of theatre How productions work How each position in a production does their job How to start your own event or show

How do you put on a production?

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Take a dive into the world of theatre production and learn about its inner workings. Understand how each element of a show comes together from the creative aspect and how you can better prepare yourself for your own production or event. In this course, you will learn about: Theatre Hierarchy – What each person in a production does and how they all link together Stage Designs – The 4 main designs to a theatre and understanding what they are. Plus a bonus! Script Analysis – How to prepare yourself as an actor taking on a character including the World Of The Play. Sound Design – How and why sound plays a vital role in any production. Whether voice, effect or ambience, and even house music! Light Design – We understand the why, but it’s a little more detailed than that. Sets & Props – From a cup to a mountain! When you should be focusing on stage decorations and functional items. Directing – The big job! What you need to know before taking it on. Do take note that this is just a beginner course. As such it is aimed at first timer enthusiasts of theatre that don’t know where to start. In the future, more advanced videos will be uploaded elaborating further on these topics and many more! Should you have anything in particular you would like to learn, please let me know and I can then inform you whether it is in the pipeline or I will make one just for you!

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