The Ultimate Skincare Guide for Acne Prone Skin 2022 by Hajar Beauty Academy

Udemy course The Ultimate Skincare Guide for Acne Prone Skin 2022 by Hajar Beauty Academy

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The Ultimate Skincare Guide for Acne Prone Skin 2022

What the udemy The Ultimate Skincare Guide for Acne Prone Skin 2022 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn about the different existing Acne Forms : Find out which Acne form YOU are dealing with! Acne Formation, Cause, Symptomps & Diagnosis : Get to know your acne-prone skin better! The Skincare Routine of an acne-prone skin + Recommended Products Which product ingredients are comedogenic and cause further breakouts Good and Bad Alcohols for an acne-prone skin All about Sunscreen protection: How the UV rays harm your acne-prone skin and how to prevent it Additional Care for acne-prone skin Gentle homemade masks & scrubs with natural and organic ingredients How MEN with an acne-prone skin should take care of their skin Shaving : How to shave your skin the correct way and prevent further skin inflammations Acne caused by Face Masks: How the pandemic changed our skin and our skincare routine Acne Coverage: How to cover your acne the best way possible with makeup Learn more about the suitable makeup products for an acne prone skin How to apply makeup on an acne-prone skin step by step (Tutorial) Acne Diet: The huge impact of a non-diary diet How to control your blood sugar level to prevent skin inflammations caused by your diet Fluid Intake: How crucial drinking water is and how you can drink more water to help your acne skin to heal Acne Medication: Which medication therapy is the most helpful method against acne Hormonal Acne : Which birth-control pills are safe to use for an acne-prone skin Acne Facial Treatments: Learn about the best cosmetical facial treatments that remove acne scars, pores and hyperpigmentations Laser Treatments: Get to know the different laser methods that are applied on an acne-prone skin Download all the Pdfs for further information and product recommendations Show more Show less

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More information about the course The Ultimate Skincare Guide for Acne Prone Skin 2022

If there is anything in the world a person with a problematic skin type would wish for first is: Clear, smooth, blemish-free skin! As a certified Aesthetician, I have worked successfully on many clients that were suffering from acne-prone skin. Most clients shared the same mindset: They were hopeless because they thought they have been through everything and nothing really helped them. When consulting them I┬ánoticed that they did not know about the most crucial things that would long term improve their acne-prone skin in such a detail that I have explained to them. Following their skin updates made me realize that my help and advice was a success , especially to those who were consistent and disciplined about healing their acne. Furthermore, as someone who has experienced acne-prone skin herself , I absolutely can understand your concern and want to help you to improve your skin the best way possible. Hence I decided to create the “Ultimate Guide for an Acne-Prone Skin course” that will guide you through every step and detail you have to take into consideration to help your skin to heal. The Ultimate Skincare Guide for Acne-Prone Skin is the right course for you if you..: have been struggling with acne for many years, yet never got the proper answers on how to improve your complexion never have had a suitable skincare routine with the correct skincare products want to first heal your acne internally with the correct diet and externally with the correct skincare regime want to know how to heal your scars , hyperpigmentation caused by acne, and prevent further skin inflammations want to cover your acne with makeup without harming your skin further are a man with acne-prone skin and shaving is a big struggle to you and you do not have a skincare routine want to know more about the existing acne medications, facial treatments & so much more simply want to refresh your knowledge about an acne-prone skin type What makes this Course different than its’ competitors? Coverage of every topic about healing acne from A-Z Suitable skin care routine for your acne skin as a man and woman Updates: This course will be updated with a Q&A Video as well as further informative Lectures every once in a while to keep you updated Professional help from a certified Aesthetician in case of further questions and concerns Acne of any form can be healed, it is you who is in control of healing it: Take the first step and understand your skin’s needs better by enrolling in this course!

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