The Struggling Entrepreneur’s Guide To A Killer Product Idea by Helen Brookes

Udemy course The Struggling Entrepreneur’s Guide To A Killer Product Idea by Helen Brookes

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  • Author: Helen Brookes
  • Course rating: 4.5
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  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Helen Brookes

Hello, I am Helen Brookes. I have run my own successful London-based technical consultancy for more than 10 years, and, apart from a Science degree, hold a Diploma in Digital Marketing from ADBL UK.  I have worked with clients that include The BBC in London, Cisco Systems in the Silicon Valley, and Colt Telecom, which is one of Europe’ largest B2B data networks providers. My consultancy has seen me work extensively in most of Western Europe, North and South America, India and most recently in Singapore and New Zealand. I have used the Lean principles of rapid experimentation and learning to keep my consultancy competitive in a very tough industry. I even won a book publishing deal using the same principles.  I have first hand experience to vouch for the importance of keeping an eye out for the next big thing, and developing a knack for what the market wants.

The Struggling Entrepreneur's Guide To A Killer Product Idea

What the udemy The Struggling Entrepreneur’s Guide To A Killer Product Idea course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn how to come up with a killer idea. Will your idea work? Test any idea rapidly and cheaply Find new ideas and inspiration for your blockbuster. Become a market disruptor

How To Come Up With A Blockbuster Idea

More information about the course The Struggling Entrepreneur’s Guide To A Killer Product Idea

The Struggling Entrepreneur’s Guide To A Killer Product Idea Fed up of pushing products or services no-one wants to buy? Learn How Come Up With A Killer Idea! Your next blockbuster starts here. Learn how to unearth the single great idea for a product or service to transform your business or consultancy. Learn how you can create your own personalised system to generate a blockbuster idea for a product or service, using an industry proven method, simplified in this course for the cash-strapped and time-poor. Create And Customise Your Very Own “Blockbuster Idea Generation Machine” With Our Simplified Implementation Of The LEAN Process Learn a tried and tested technique for generating market-ready product and business ideas, fast. Create and customise your very own product or service idea generation and testing system. Learn how to test your idea for market viability using existing free or inexpensive tools. Master the discipline of innovative thought. Discover where to find new ideas and inspiration for your new product or service. Become a market disruptor. Create a simple, yet powerful system for fast product or service innovation. Have you ever wondered how businesses, and even individuals come up with ideas for brilliant products or services we didn’t even know we needed? The good news is, if you are disciplined enough to follow through, there is a proven, scientific process to generate and test your ideas for market-viability. Put simply, you can learn how to come up with your own blockbuster idea, without breaking the bank. The life-transforming power of a single great idea cannot be exaggerated. The wonderful truth of our times is that anyone, anyone at all, now has the tools and technology to come up with the next big idea. The course exposes you to the tools, processes and technology to enable you to come up with a new, potentially life-changing product or service idea for your business or consultancy.  You will learn how to to create your own personalised system, process and practice to generate your single great idea. Content and Overview The course has no requirements for prior prerequisites. Anyone can join. Over the course of 10 lectures with accompanying practical exercises, you will learn how to systematically generate and capture your ideas, and most importantly, the very specific process of testing them for market viability.  You will also learn to develop a schedule for all the tasks you will need to complete for your “blockbuster idea generation machine” to give you results. The course starts with the idea generation process. At the end of that section, you will know how to plan, schedule and process your customised system. Please note that wishful thinking will not work.  There is a discipline to the innovative creative process that needs to be mastered for this to work. It is a most important aspect of the system. The next step, which is quite detailed and technical, show you exactly how to test your ideas. You will be given the proven tools against which you can accurately judge the market-viability of a product. This is important because, committing to product development before knowing whether or not it will be successful is a bad mistake. Finally, you will will put it all together into a personalised schedule of tasks and processes you will follow until you get your blockbuster idea.  This is your very own “blockbuster idea generation machine.” Countless businesses today utilise variants of this process to come up with fantastic products. Their power is now in your reach.  The course unapologetically does have a very specific focus on transforming the finances of a struggling business or individual. This should be your ultimate goal. The content and resources in the course are designed to equip you with a customised system to generate and test ideas for commercial success. Good luck! What are the requirements? A willingness to commit to the process A willingness to embrace some counter-intui…

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