The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Toolkit by Ethel Walker, MBA, CPCC

Udemy course The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Toolkit by Ethel Walker, MBA, CPCC

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  • Author: Ethel Walker, MBA, CPCC
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Ethel Walker, MBA, CPCC

Ethel Walker has over 25 years of professional leadership and management experience working for a Fortune 50 company.    She has held various roles to include recruiting, hiring, developing and leading high performing teams.  Ethel has also held roles in process improvement consulting and project and program management.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Toolkit

What the udemy The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Toolkit course teaches?

What you’ll learn Understand and apply 28 Six Sigma Tools to: – Lead group decision making and problem solving – Analyze data to identify trends and opportunities – Analyze processes to identify improvement opportunities – Identify and analyze relationships (people and process) – Discover root causes of problems – Clarify business and customer requirements – Apply data collection tools to support fact-based decisions – Organize information and tasks to maximize efficiency Identify opportunties in your current environment to utilize the tools learned; including helpful phrases to use to introduce the tool. Use effective language on your resume to showcase your skills Learn how to build a professional network to continue your Six Sigma learning journey and to build your expertise in the field Show more Show less

Learn 28 Six Sigma Yellow Belt tools. Apply Six Sigma Yellow Belt tools today. Add Six Sigma Yellow Belt to your resume.

More information about the course The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Toolkit

*New section on building a professional Six Sigma network added 11/2018 The only Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course that also focuses on applying your learning to boost your resume! Compare our free previews to other Six Sigma Yellow Belt courses on the same topics to experience our difference and value! Feedback from our students that prove we are making a real difference for them in their jobs and professional skill development journey: “It was really great.  The tool template and the resume booster is real helpful.  Earlier I had to prepare Pareto Chart using all calculation for my company and now, I could easily make it with the template.  Same way, new tools can also be used in same way (ex. Run chart I used recently).” “This was a great overview of Six Sigma Tools for Yellow Belt.  I am using this course to help me prepare for the Black Belt certification.  I’ve already been trained for Green Belt with my company, but found being able to rewind or replay components of the lecture to be helpful.  I also liked the quizzes and the summary of knowledge learned.  Great job!” Learn to use Six Sigma tools and improve your leadership skills! This course is an excellent starter to encourage you to pursue further education or certification in Six Sigma.  However, just learning and applying the tools is enough to make a difference in your skillset immediately. If you have already started to pursue the Six Sigma certification process, this course will help your learning by giving real life examples and experience in using Six Sigma tools and helping to boost your resume before and after your certification. In this course you will learn to apply 28 tools used in Six Sigma process improvement efforts. Understanding and/or application of these 28 tools is required to attain the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification through the American Society for Quality (ASQ).  These basic tools are easy to understand and apply, while at the same time, they will help you to develop in-demand workplace skills, including; decision- making, problem solving, leadership and much more. This course starts with a basic and brief overview of Six Sigma to give you a context of how and why these tools are used in Six Sigma projects. The course then provides instructions on how to use each of the 28 tools, supporting you in building your skillset. The second section of the course focuses on helping you to   broaden your experiences by providing guidance and examples of how to utilize some of the common tools to lead a team. The final section of the course focuses on boosting your resume by providing you with guidance on how best to showcase your experiences with Six Sigma tools on your resume.

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