The Infinite Banking Concept by Joe Withrow

Udemy course The Infinite Banking Concept by Joe Withrow

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  • Author: Joe Withrow
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Finance & Accounting
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Joe Withrow

Joe Withrow is just an average, hardworking American who did everything by the ‘American Dream’ handbook.

The Infinite Banking Concept

What the udemy The Infinite Banking Concept course teaches?

What you’ll learn Become your own bank Never need bank loans again Build a million-dollar pension plan with just $250 per month Finance your child’s education 100% without needing student loans How to finance cars… home renovations… and vacations with your own family bank Warehouse capital for business in a tax-advantaged way

A Powerful Way to Warehouse Capital and Build a Personal Pension Plan for Just Hundreds per Month

More information about the course The Infinite Banking Concept

Take full control of your finances… Eliminate the need for bank loans… And build a $1 million pension system for yourself with just $250 month. Learn how with The Infinite Banking Concept: Become Your Own Bank It’s true – $250 per month is all you need to create a $1 million pension plan for yourself. And we aren’t talking about high-risk moonshot investments… We are talking about a conservative financial vehicle that does not place your money at risk. I know that sounds crazy… But that’s only because most people have never heard of this strategy before. Wall Street has tried to cover this strategy up for decades… Despite the fact that top executives use this strategy themselves. In fact, the Infinite Banking Concept is one of the tools the rich use to build generational wealth that keeps themselves… their children… their grandchildren… and their grandchildren’s children financially independent… No matter what happens with the economy or the stock market. What’s more, the rich use this strategy to create their own family bank. Family members can borrow money for education… home purchases… investment deals… All without having a rigid repayment plan. That’s right. With this strategy, they can borrow money from their own bank and never pay it back. But that would put a drag on their bank’s growth. So, they always pay their loans back… at interest. Wait, why in the world they would pay interest if they didn’t have to? Easy. That interest doesn’t get sucked away by a faceless mega-bank. It feeds into their family bank to make it grow. That’s how they stay financially independent for generations. Think about that. Now think about the plight of the average person today. Boom-and-bust financial markets… under-performing 401(k) plans… underfunded public pensions… rising costs of living… It’s no longer easy for the average person to get ahead, despite working 40-50 hour weeks and doing everything the “right” way. As a result, many people worry about saving enough money for retirement. In fact, the Insured Retirement Institute found that a whopping 73% of Baby Boomers do not think they have enough money to retire comfortably. That’s where the Infinite Banking Concept comes in. This is a strategy so powerful that the political insiders and financial elite covered it up with advertising restrictions and regulations… But it is available to anyone. With this strategy, you can take full control of your family’s finances… privatize the banking function entirely… and make money problems go away forever. You can use this strategy for yourself to finance a business, investments, or real estate purchases. You can use this strategy to finance your child’s college education. You can use this strategy to finance travel or vacations. You can use this strategy to create a million-dollar pension plan for yourself, your spouse, and your children. But those are all short-term benefits. The true power of this concept can be unleashed if this strategy is implemented generationally. I am not kidding when I say that you can use the Infinite Banking Concept to create financial freedom for generations to come. If you think long-term, you can eliminate the need to borrow money ever again. Your personal bank will warehouse all the capital your family ever needs to live the life of their choosing. That’s what this course is all about. The Infinite Banking Concept will show you everything you need to implement this secret strategy for yourself and your family. And remember, this strategy truly is for everybody. $250 per month can create a million-dollar pension system. And plans are flexible. The more your put towards this strategy, the bigger your bank will become. But there are no rigid minimums. Here is what the course delivers: How to warehouse capital in a tax-advantaged way How to privatize the banking function and create your own family bank How to take full control over your finances so you never need a b…

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