The Complete E-Teaching Fundamentals Course for 2022 by Raj Gupta

Udemy course The Complete E-Teaching Fundamentals Course for 2022 by Raj Gupta

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  • Author: Raj Gupta
  • Course rating: 4.0
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Raj Gupta

Hi, I’m Raj! I am a Financial Economist, Hedge Fund Analyst, Educator and Author. Previously, I taught MBA Level Courses in Corporate Finance, Investment Strategies, Portfolio Management and Wealth Management at the University of Massachusetts and Clark University. I have published numerous peer-reviewed articles in various Finance Journals and the Social Science Research Network. My noteworthy research articles include examinations of Hedge Fund Failures and simple metrics that can be used to detect reasons for failure.

The Complete E-Teaching Fundamentals Course for 2022

What the udemy The Complete E-Teaching Fundamentals Course for 2022 course teaches?

What you’ll learn You will Learn how to take a Live Class Online without Loss of Interactivity. You will Learn what it takes to Deliver a Stellar Online Course in 2021 versus 2010. You will Learn how to Make Students Feel they are on Campus even if they are Home. You will Learn how to Measure E-Learning to ensure your E-Learning Returns are High. You will Learn how to Retain Employee Knowledge even if Employee Leaves Company. You will Learn which Learning Management Systems are the Most Effective for Companies. You will Learn how to Conduct a Case Analysis with Students around the World. You will Learn about the Efficacy of Automated and Live Online Proctoring Tools.

Learn How to Quickly Take your Live Class Online. Effective Strategies for College/University Instructors are Covered.

More information about the course The Complete E-Teaching Fundamentals Course for 2022

This Course is for College/University Faculty, Corporate Trainers and Professional Trainers who want to quickly take their Live Classes and Seminars Online. According to eLI, a leading publishing platform for eLearning professionals, IBM noticed a return of $30 for every dollar spent on eLearning. We will begin with a mapping of Live Class Activities and developing Online Equivalents for such activities. Next, we will discuss of Learning Management Systems both for Universities and Corporations. We will explore insights on how Companies can measure their Online Learning Programs using Learning Analytics Platforms. Following the discussion on Learning Management Systems, we will discuss Instructional Design with a particular emphasis on creating engaging videos. We will discuss the abundance of software programs for all aspects of E-Teaching such as Screencasts, Talking Head Videos, Games, Simulations and Social Learning. We will explore ways in which you can include Advanced Content in your Videos to deliver a stellar learning experience for your students and employees. If you are getting started with E-Teaching you may opt for free open source software. We will briefly review some popular ones that will get you up and running. Further, we will cover the one of the most important aspect of Teaching, that is delivering proctored exams. Toward the end of the course, we will examine how to conduct a Group Case Study with students around the world. We will also examine Color Combinations. We will discuss LTI, SCORM and xAPI compliance.

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