The Complete 3D Artist: Learn 3D Art by Creating 3 Scenes by Stephen Woods

Udemy course The Complete 3D Artist: Learn 3D Art by Creating 3 Scenes by Stephen Woods

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  • Author: Stephen Woods
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: 3D & Animation
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Stephen Woods

Hi, I’m Stephen. I’ve been a 3D artist for over 15 years. I have a diploma in Filmcraft and Animation from new College Lanarkshire (formerly Motherwell College) and a degree in Computer Animation from The University of the West of Scotland.

The Complete 3D Artist: Learn 3D Art by Creating 3 Scenes

What the udemy The Complete 3D Artist: Learn 3D Art by Creating 3 Scenes course teaches?

What you’ll learn The skills to model high quality 3D models Learn the fundamentals of digital sculpting in Blender Add shaders and textures to your 3D models Learn the fundamentals of Texture Painting in Blender Add realistic and optimised lighting to your 3D scenes Render and post-produce your final images in an artistic way

Learn 3D Modeling, Sculpting, Lighting, Texturing, Rendering & Compositing using Blender in One Complete Course

More information about the course The Complete 3D Artist: Learn 3D Art by Creating 3 Scenes

*****FUTURE UPDATES PLANNED TO INCORPORATE NEW BLENDER 2.8 INTERFACE, TOOLS AND FEATURES***** This course has been created specifically to teach you the fundamentals of 3D art. It isn’t a bundle of videos describing every single tool bar and slider, that’s what Google is for. It’s a project based course designed to teach you all the basics you need to know to create 3D art in practically any 3D software. We’ll start with a little bit of theory, then dive into looking at 3D software, we’ll install and explore our software and set it up to make learning as easy as possible. For this particular course we will be using Blender. This powerful software package is open source and FREE!! This means that there is no additional cost for dong this course, everything you need is included in Blender. Blender comes complete will the following tools: Full 3D modeling suite, including digital scultping and texture painting Node Based material editor Cycles Render Engine, super fast and capable of stunning results A built-in Node based compositor for stills or video Video editing suite Game engine The skills you learn in this course will easily transfer to most other software packages. I am not going to teach you how to model specifically in Blender, the techniques to learn here are universal. So whether you become a game artist in 3ds Max, an environment artist in Maya, a texture artist in Substance Designer or a compositor in Nuke, you will have the fundamental skills to kick start your mastery of any other software!! This isn’t just a video training course either. I want this journey into 3D art to be meaningful for all my students. Students will be encouraged to create and share their own work throughout the course, either on our Facebook Group  or directly to me via email ( or Twitter (@darkokubra). You will receive feedback, hints and tips either publicly or privately and any feedback you give the course will be carefully considered and any great suggestions will be implemented into the course. The course consists 3 full projects: A still life scene, to get you comfortable will modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and compositing. Step by step you’ll cover all the basic tools and workflows, slowly and in detail, to ensure you retain all the knowledge and skills to use these tools in your own projects. A guitar, modeled to scale using plans, this will push your modeling skills up a level or two and introduce you to texture painting directly onto a 3D model using Blender. An interior scene, this is where you can learn some sculpting techniques, experiment with composition and practice your modeling, shading and lighting skills. As the student base for this course grows, the course will grow too. Every student has lifetime access to this course and that includes feedback from me whenever you need it. But I will also create additional projects to teach the ever evolving techniques used by professional 3D artists. And wth the future release of Blender 2.8 , look for additional videos on Blender’s new tools, features and interface shortly after it’s official release. This course is intended to be the most comprehensive, artistically driven course for 3D art on Udemy.  Don’t believe me, listen to what my students have said about the course: ***** Don’t hesitate taking this class. This is truly a class and not a tutorial. ***** ***** Thorough explanations and examples with the encouragement to experiment and practice on your own. ***** ***** The course is engaging challenging and the explanations and work flow are fantastic. ***** ***** I love this course, it is so complete and easy to follow ***** ***** This course is a gold-mine of information ***** ***** I recommend it to everyone who wants to master Blender ***** So why not join me and I’ll teach you everything you need to know to be a great 3D artist!

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