The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Your Womb Trauma by Ashley Reed

Udemy course The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Your Womb Trauma by Ashley Reed

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  • Author: Ashley Reed
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Abouth Ashley Reed

To all who are guided to my course, I am privileged to work with you. I am a Master Reiki practitioner, teacher, and life coach. I help women to heal their womb trauma and live their best life.  I was guided to teach after experiencing deep depression and ptsd after the termination of a pregnancy. My greatest pain became my rebirth. Now I live my life to help other women find healing and peace as well.

The Beginner's Guide to Healing Your Womb Trauma

What the udemy The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Your Womb Trauma course teaches?

What you’ll learn In this course you will learn the power of your womb & how to heal it from trauma. We will uncover the ways in which we get stuck & how to break generational cycles of womb trauma. We will incorporate daily rituals and proven coping skills into our daily lives. In this course we will re write the script on your trauma story and start a new way of living.

What is peace/ healing worth to you?

More information about the course The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Your Womb Trauma

What is peace/healing worth to you? You probably already know that unresolved trauma can affect your day to day life in the form of panic attacks, stress, and anxiety. This may come as a surprise to you, but did you know that when you have womb trauma it can also affect your relationships, your wealth, your karma, your health and every person you interact with? I love this course because these are steps I personally took to heal my life and trauma. When I addressed the root of my problems and healed my womb trauma, every other part of my life was elevated. If I can do this, you can too! In this course we will be: *Building an easy to use list of coping techniques *Creating safety in our bodies *Showcasing how trauma affects sense of well-being *Educate on how trauma changes the brain & how to retrain it *Discussing generational womb trauma; how it gets passed down and how to stop the cycle. *A free Distance Reiki Womb Blessing *and more… What do you feel like you really deserve? I can’t promise that you will get your old life back, but after taking this course you will walk away feeling renewed , stronger and braver than you were before. I would ask you to trust me, but I would rather you decide for yourself. Are you ready to change your life?

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