The Art of Dividend Investing – Complete course by Candi Carrera

Udemy course The Art of Dividend Investing – Complete course by Candi Carrera

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  • Author: Candi Carrera
  • Course rating: 4.5
  • Category: Finance & Accounting
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Candi Carrera

Hello. My name is Candi Carrera and I am a value investor for more than 20 years with 90% of my personal savings invested in stocks. I keep the remaining 10% as a permanent cash reserve to buy more stocks when markets get emotional & depressed.

The Art of Dividend Investing - Complete course

What the udemy The Art of Dividend Investing – Complete course course teaches?

What you’ll learn Understand the benefits of dividend investing Learn how dividends generate passive income Differentiate good from bad dividend stocks Know what a sustainable dividend payout ratio is Understand the dividend approval & payment process Understand the financial fundamentals where the dividends come from in the company lifecycle

Understand dividends and learn how to pick good dividend stocks to build up passive income

More information about the course The Art of Dividend Investing – Complete course

Investing in the stock exchange and specifically dividend paying stocks can be mastered by a lot of people. As Warren Buffett said, you do not need a PhD to be a successful investor. Investing in the stock master requires a minimum of good practices and to act as a business owner and not a speculator. In this course you will learn all about: the benefits of dividend paying stocks vs growth stocks how to build up a portfolio of stocks to develop a passive stream of revenues understanding if a company is giving a good or bad return to its shareholders through dividends if the dividends the company is paying out are sustainable in the long run in order to protect your investment key action steps & a dividend investing checklist to get started Investing in dividend paying stocks can be a life-changing experience. Learn from my 20 years experience as an investor running my own investment fund and rapidly move ahead faster with the knowledge I will share with you. Don’t delay. THIS COMPLETE COURSE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL WITH DIVIDEND STOCKS & HOW TO BUILD A PASSIVE INCOME STREAM. On top of that you will be invited to regular normally bi-monthly Webinars to exchange with other students and myself directly during a live session. Many thanks and I appreciate your interest in my course! -Candi Carrera

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