The 4 Pillars Of Excellence by Irene Nedelitsky

Udemy course The 4 Pillars Of Excellence by Irene Nedelitsky

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  • Author: Irene Nedelitsky
  • Course rating: 5
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Irene Nedelitsky

Irene Nedelitsky is a mindset coach that bases her approach on 3 core principles: Freedom, Knowledge, and Excellence. Irene helps extraordinary people that want to grow to their highest potential and beyond by creating strategies that allow them to exponentially grow their mindset and impact in the world. Living in 19 European countries, speaking 8 languages, and studying creativity and spirituality since age 16 is what makes her so good at coaching. Her background in Molecular Biology (MSc.) and solo singing enables her to integrate a pragmatic, analytical approach with her artistic, unorthodox creativity. This principle blossoms in the “4 Pillars Of Excellence”, a full mindset and self-improvement system based on 4 pillars: Self-Love, Freedom, Nature Spirituality, and Divinity, a practical guide to creating a personal legacy. The Own Your Excellence YouTube channel provides daily manifestation advice, and Irene has been helping people around the globe live their purpose since 2015.

The 4 Pillars Of Excellence

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Advanced Manifestation and Law Of Attraction Principles. High-Performance and NLP Strategies. Guided Meditations. Self-Love and Confidence. Emotional and Financial Freedom. Spirituality.

Complete High-Performance Mindset and Manifestation Mastery System

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