Technical Analysis in Hindi & Urdu by Punit Madan

Udemy course Technical Analysis in Hindi & Urdu by Punit Madan

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  • Author: Punit Madan
  • Course rating: 4.0
  • Category: Finance & Accounting
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Punit Madan

Punit Madan is one of the finest trader and trainer in today’s financial market. He has over a decade of experience of trading in every kind of market and across all asset class. He has done a path-breaking research in the field of technical analysis.

Technical Analysis in Hindi & Urdu

What the udemy Technical Analysis in Hindi & Urdu course teaches?

What you’ll learn Technical analysis in hindi and urdu ,stock market in hindi, stock market in urdu ..1)Types of analysis & what is technical analysis 2) Why technical analysis is mostly used in trading than fundamentals 3) How many types of charts & which types of charts are more useful? 4) Types candles and their explanation? 5) What is time frame in technical analysis? 6) What is trend & how it gets develop? 7) What is Moving Averages in technical analysis? How Moving Averages generate BUY & SELL signal in Trading ? 8) What is Parabolic SAR? Uses and drawback of Parabolic SAR? 9) What is Average Direction Index? How it define the Strength of the trend? 10) What is the use of Bollinger band analysis and computing the Bollinger Band? 11) What is Ichimoku? 12) What is Relative Strength Index? How to analysis through RSI? What is Divergences and how RSI Divergences tells market moves and advances? 13) What is MACD? How MACD divergences work? 14) What is Stochastic? How its combination with RSI & MACD? 15) What is William% R? Why William% R consider younger brother of Stochastic 16) What is Trend Line? What is Support & Resistance? How to draw support and resistance? 17) Fibonacci retracement 18) What is chart pattern in technical analysis?What is Head & Shoulder Pattern in Technical Analysis? How to decide the target price in Head and Shoulder chart pattern?What is Volume & How volume is important in breakout of Head and shoulder? What is Cup and handle pattern? How does it similar to head and shoulder pattern? 19) What is flag and other chart patterns and their understanding Show more Show less

Technical analysis is a pseudo science , which allows an analyst to predict next move of the market instruments

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Technical analysis and elementary analysis area unit the 2 main faculties of thought once it involves analysing the money markets technical analysis appearance at worth|the worth|the value} movement of a security and uses this knowledge to predict future price movements and the way technical and elementary analysis will be used along.

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