TCP/IP for z/OS Operation. Network interfaces by Fran Rubi

Udemy course TCP/IP for z/OS Operation. Network interfaces by Fran Rubi

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  • Author: Fran Rubi
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Abouth Fran Rubi

System engineer focused on z/OS, with experience in the following subjects:.

TCP/IP for z/OS Operation. Network interfaces

What the udemy TCP/IP for z/OS Operation. Network interfaces course teaches?

What you’ll learn This course will provide you the basics of TCP/IP for z/OS.

An introduction to network interfaces operation on mainframe. It includes hands-on exercises on a real Parallel Sysplex.

More information about the course TCP/IP for z/OS Operation. Network interfaces

Learn the concepts and functions that will provide you with good skills about TCP/IP operation in IBM Mainframe environment. Build a foundation in z/OS TCP/IP with this tutorial for beginners. Most of the applications running under z/OS are accessible through IP networks. IBM Communications Server for z/OS implements TCP/IP for connecting terminals or applications with host applications. z/OS TCP/IP provides many functions and services in the most secure and high-performance server worldwide. A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips Learning the fundamentals of TCP/IP for z/OS gives you a solid understanding about how a IBM mainframe network functions, and the skills to go forward in the networking area. What am I going to get from this course? Students completing the course will have the knowledge to understand how TCP/IP works, which type of interfaces can be defined, which network types could be connected to a mainframe, and how to operate them. This course is focused in the networking part of z/OS TCP/IP (devices, static routing, and connectivity). Dynamic routing, applications and VIPA will be covered in another course. Learn in a short time very specialized matters only available, up to now, attending private and expensive courses. First, you will start learning where TCP/IP is placed into z/OS Communications Server, how and where to issue commands (TSO, console and Unix System Services) to display configuration and status of TCP/IP resources. Several networking technologies can be attached to a IBM mainframe and several interfaces can be defined in TCP/IP. QDIO devices that permit to have connectivity with Ethernet networks, MPC or CTC devices that permit to use point-to-point links, or “virtual” links as Hipersocket will be explained. Several demos in a real system with two z/OS interconnected will show you how to operate TCP/IP: commands to be used, how to understand the responses, start/stop devices, display IP addresses, display static routing tables, change parameters dynamically, and check connectivity through Ethernet, Hipersocket or CTC devices.

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