Tarot Through Your Writer’s Block by Miriam Slozberg

Udemy course Tarot Through Your Writer’s Block by Miriam Slozberg

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  • Author: Miriam Slozberg
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Miriam Slozberg

I have been reading the tarot cards for over 18 years, and I am also a certified astrologer as of 2006. I am a freelance writer, which I have been doing for well over 10 years. I love what I do, and I love teaching others helpful tactics and techniques that relate to all three.

Tarot Through Your Writer's Block

What the udemy Tarot Through Your Writer’s Block course teaches?

What you’ll learn Writers and bloggers will no longer struggle with the frustration of writer’s block Learning the tarot which will help solve the problem with writer’s block Writers and bloggers can save a lot of time when it comes to thinking of article and blog topics by using the tarot Writers and bloggers can enhance their creativity by utilizing the power of the tarot

Using Tarot Cards To Dissolve Writer’s Block

More information about the course Tarot Through Your Writer’s Block

Every writer such as yourself needs a source of inspiration that fuels the imagination, which is not always easy to find. That is why you can struggle with writer’s block, which is a significant source of stress and worry for writers. Writers also waste a lot of time attempting to figure out what to write. It is easy to look at sources such as blog posts and forum topics in your niche. However, that is also very time-consuming. That is why tarot cards can come to your rescue! Using tarot cards to nurture and inspire creativity is a new use for an old set of tricks; instead of predicting real-life futures, you can use the Tarot to help predict the end of your narrative. That is especially when you struggle to develop a topic for a blog post or an article. My name is Miriam Slozberg, and I am a writer, astrologer, and tarot reader; I am more than familiar with the stress that writer’s block can cause. However, after discovering how much the tarot can help solve that issue, I no longer struggle with writer’s block. That is why I created this course for writers such as yourself, Tarot Through Your Writer’s Block, so you no longer have to struggle with it! You will learn through my course that tarot cards are an easy and excellent tool to help you solve so many problems you face when writing. That is because tarot cards can be a perfect tool to fish for creativity and overcome writer’s block. My course will teach you the meaning of each card, how those meanings relate to stories through the living examples they represent, and how to cultivate that hidden creativity using the power of the cards. Tarot Through Writer’s Block can help you get past writer’s block and help you present your story. So are you ready to once and for all kick writer’s block to the curb and no longer have to worry about wasting time looking for ways to solve it?

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