Tabletop Mushroom Growing At Home Indoors by Dr. Dan

Udemy course Tabletop Mushroom Growing At Home Indoors by Dr. Dan

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  • Author: Dr. Dan
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Abouth Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan has been growing mushrooms at home indoors for many years as a hobby and a passion.  Each subsequent year he spends trying new mushroom varieties while optimizing and improving existing techniques.   The method that Dr. Dan has developed and fine tuned is simple and elegant and involves one chamber with the ability to produce many mushroom varieties simultaneously.  Dr. Dan enjoys teaching his unique indoor growing method to others while guiding them quickly to success with abundant harvests of delicious and healthy gourmet mushrooms.

Tabletop Mushroom Growing At Home Indoors

What the udemy Tabletop Mushroom Growing At Home Indoors course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to produce bountiful yields of delicious mushrooms quickly and with minimal investment.

Beginning and productive activity that can be done easily at home indoors

More information about the course Tabletop Mushroom Growing At Home Indoors

In this beginning course , you will learn a ll of the steps required to grow edible mushrooms at home indoors. If you want an exciting activity for you and your family with an additional bonus of growing additional food indoors, then this is the class for you. All equipment and supplies needed can be obtained locally and/or shipped directly into your residence and instructions on what to obtain is clearly specified in this class. Growing mushrooms indoors at home can be done year-round and is a great activity for an individual or family during a lock-down such as when travel is restricted during a pandemic. This class is focused on a single method of growing with techniques developed to make it as easy as possible for first time growers to be successful in the shortest time possible with very low investment. It is also designed for those who have limited indoor space as the growing of mushrooms can be done on a single small tabletop which can be additionally used for all of the other steps of preparing the mushroom grow bags. No worries for first time grower as detailed specific step by step instructions will be provided and demonstrated in videos so n o previous experience or prior knowledge of growing mushrooms is needed. While there are a myriad of methods to grow mushrooms indoors, many of these are not very productive and information which can be obtained on-line or from other sources is often contradictory or confusing. In this class, one specific method will be taught which has been fully optimized over many years to get your operation up and ready quickly. In this course, growing mushrooms successfully at home is focused on exclusively with clear concise instructions to get your home operation up and running quickly and dialed in to high productivity with minimal investment . The course is focused on how to grow Black King mushrooms which are type of mushroom which is extremely tasty and versatile and can be utilized in a wide variety of dishes.  Additionally, Black King mushrooms are focused on due to their ease of growing by the method taught and exceptional mushroom yields . First flushes at ~2 lbs followed up with a second flush at ~1 lb from a single fruiting mushroom block are not uncommon with the advanced yet easy method taught to this beginning class.

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