Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming by Linux Trainer

Udemy course Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming by Linux Trainer

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  • Author: Linux Trainer
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Operating Systems & Servers
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Linux Trainer

I have been working on Linux for more than 7 years. I have seen many people still lack their skills on Linux. So, i am working on courses for Linux which will make them Learn Linux in an easy way. The agenda of my courses will be more practical and less theoretical. Show more examples and you will easily grab the concepts.

Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming

What the udemy Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming course teaches?

What you’ll learn Synchronization concepts in Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel Programming – Synchronization and Concurrency

More information about the course Synchronization in Linux Kernel Programming

Update: Sep 15: Added RCU Section What you will learn in this course Various concepts related to concurrency like: preemption, context switch, reentrancy, critical section, race condition Various Synchronization techniques Per CPU Variables Atomic Variables Spinlocks Semaphores Mutexes Read Write Locks Sequence Locks Read Copy Update(RCU) API’s/Macros/Structures: spinlock_t, DEFINE_SPINLOCK, spin_lock, spin_unlock, spin_trylock, spin_lock_irqsave, spin_unlock_irqrestore,spin_lock_irq, spin_unlock_irq atomic_t, atomic64_t, ATOMIC_INIT, atomic_inc, atomic_dec, atomic_set, atomic_read, atomic_add, atomic_sub, atomic_dec_and_test, atomic_inc_and_test, atomic_sub_and_test, atomic_add_negative,atomic_add_return, atomic_sub_return, atomic_inc_return, atomic_dec_return,atomic_fetch_add, atomic_fetch_sub, atomic_cmpxchg, atomic_xchg,set_bit, clear_bit, change_bit, test_and_set_bit, test_and_clear_bit, test_and_change_bit, NR_CPUS,num_online_cpus,smp_processor_id,get_cpu,put_cpu,DEFINE_PER_CPU,get_cpu_var, put_cpu_var, per_cpu, for_each_online_cpu, alloc_percpu,  free_percpu, per_cpu_ptr rcu_read_lock, rcu_read_unlock, synchronize_rcu, call_rcu, rcu_assign_pointer, rcu_dereference seqlock_t, seqcount_t, DEFINE_SEQLOCK, seqlock_init, write_seqlock, write_sequnlock struct rw_semaphore, DECLARE_RWSEM, init_rwsem, down_read, up_read, down_write, up_write, down_read_trylock, down_write_trylock, downgrade_write struct rwlock_t, DEFINE_RWLOCK, rwlock_init, read_lock, read_unlock, write_lock, write_unlock struct mutex, DEFINE_MUTEX, mutex_init, mutex_lock, mutex_unlock, mutex_trylock, mutex_lock_interruptible, mutex_unlock_interruptible, mutex_is_locked struct semaphore, sema_init, DEFINE_SEMAPHORE, down, up, down_interruptible, down_trylock, down_timeout, down_killable Commands used in the course nproc ps -eaF ps aux

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