Surpassing Your Kickstarter Goals by Richard Haberkern

Udemy course Surpassing Your Kickstarter Goals by Richard Haberkern

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  • Author: Richard Haberkern
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  • Category: Finance & Accounting
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Abouth Richard Haberkern

I have been tinkering with electronics and inventing for most of my life. I enjoy experimenting with all sorts of technologies and prefer to work on odd and unusual ideas that may lead to viable products. More recently, I discovered the power of crowd funding and have been very successful at using it to build some cool inventions.  With multiple successfully completed projects and more than $250,000.00 raised on Kickstarter, I have mastered the techniques needed to have a great Kickstarter campaign. Now I want to show you how you can be an inventor or raise funds for you next big idea!

Surpassing Your Kickstarter Goals

What the udemy Surpassing Your Kickstarter Goals course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to properly setup your Kickstarter Campaign Simple tricks you can use to make your campaign standout Important steps you must take that lead to a project’s success Simple mistakes to avoid in your project Tracking your Kickstarter campaign along the way Reaching your funding goals and how not to drown in the process Simple marketing techniques that will lead to more web traffic Keeping traffic going throughout the entire life of your Kickstarter campaign

This paid course offers expert knowledge to help you achieve outstanding results on Kickstarter.

More information about the course Surpassing Your Kickstarter Goals

Get the inside secrets to zipping past your goal! With a number of successful and highly funded campaigns and over $250,000.00 raised, Richard Haberkern offers an insider’s perspective on achieving highly successful funding goals.  This course also includes the best practices for project creators, and analyzes some of the pitfalls that campaign creators may encounter on the road to success. In this course you will learn: How to properly setup pledge levels. Tricks to entice more pledgers and higher backer rewards. Pricing pledge levels to guarantee that bakers receive their rewards. How your goal amount affects backers’ decisions. The psychology behind the goal. Making backers want to be a part of your success. Setting a realistic goal to increase the chance of a project’s success. Technical tips and scripting guidelines to shooting an engaging video. How to analyze the actual costs involved in delivering your rewards. Good practices for laying out your campaign. The importance of sharing your project’s history and story with the community. Using blogs, social media, and other websites that lead to a successfully funded project. Viral Marketing and other methods that lead to successfully funded projects. Using individual website and blog statistics to maximize the traffic driven to your campaign. How to utilize the kickstarter dashboard to track the course of your project’s success. How to utilize metrics to track the course of your project’s success. Simple math that you can do to estimate where your project’s goal is headed. How the first few days after launch will determine your project’s outcome. And much more! This course is designed for those serious about crowd funding and raising money on Kickstarter.  It is a how-to-guide from a successful Kickstarter project creator.  Gain inside knowledge from someone who is raising money via crowd funding and internet marketing every day!

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