Summer Cookie Decorating Class by Maria Balderas de Chavez

Udemy course Summer Cookie Decorating Class by Maria Balderas de Chavez

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  • Author: Maria Balderas de Chavez
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Maria Balderas de Chavez

Maria G. Balderas has a BS in Food Biochemical Engineering and more than 20 years experience as a professional instructor.

Summer Cookie Decorating Class

What the udemy Summer Cookie Decorating Class course teaches?

What you’ll learn They will learn how to make, bake and prepare everything they need to decorate beautiful delicious cookies using a variety of easy cookie decorating techniques. Cookie decorating techniques-beginners Baking Cookies Summer activities Baking

Beginners cookie decorating techniques and recipes

More information about the course Summer Cookie Decorating Class

In this course you will learn all that you will need to start making, bakingĀ  and decorating cookies with tested recipes and procedures through a guided video. Welcome to the Summer Cookie Decorating Class from The Cookie Couture In this class I will teach you everything you need to know to start decorating beautiful and delicious cookies, from preparing the cookies to put the last finishing touches to your cookies. Cookie decorating is a beautiful form of art in which you can use your creativity to express your inner artist. Decorating cookies is a very old tradition that started back in the 14th century in Switzerland, using intricate carved wooden molds and sugar decorations and in the 17th century was introduced to America. Now a days cookie decorating is still a strong tradition in families from all over the world, and besides there are new techniques and tools for this form of art the fundamentals principles are still the same, like having a good cookie and icing recipe. In this class I will teach you all what you will need to start decorating beautiful cookies, and remember that practice make things perfect, the more you practice the better you will get in cookie decorating.

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