Stop Smoking with Mind Power by Anthony Hamilton

Udemy course Stop Smoking with Mind Power by Anthony Hamilton

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  • Author: Anthony Hamilton
  • Course rating: 4.1
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Anthony Hamilton

Anthony is a former Professor of Communications at Capilano University in Vancouver, Canada. He is the the best selling author of “Mind, Time and Power! — How to use the power of your mind to heal your past and create your future.”

Stop Smoking with Mind Power

What the udemy Stop Smoking with Mind Power course teaches?

What you’ll learn You will learn exactly what it takes to transform yourself from a smoker to a non-smoker. You will learn the tools and techniques necessary to conquer the smoking habit. You will feel the real power of controlled success. You will feel a tangible experience of what success feels like. You will feel a great boost of pride and confidence from doing something many people can’t do.

Become a non-smoker by harnessing the power of your mind

More information about the course Stop Smoking with Mind Power

Thanks for signing up for this course in moving from the land of smoking to the land of non-smoking. This program will give you the tools you need to become a non-smoker. The entire “Q-Kit” consists of the following: Five instructional videos: over 50 minutes of specific instructions. You can listen and re-listen. An instruction booklet over 20 pages of fill-in-the-blank worksheets to help you harness the power of your mind. “CUE” cards . The ‘MAGIC BULLET’ to help you focus on your top motivating ideas. Two specially-prepared CREATIVE VISUALIZATION EXERCISES you listen to morning and evening. Download the workbook, the worksheets and “CUE” cards. Fill them in as instructed on the instruction recording. Download the visualization exercises to your MP3 player. Listen to them each morning and evening. Download the full instructional recording to listen to as often as you like.  (Like when driving in your car.) YOUR ONE KEY SKILL: Learning to control your response to a single cigarette craving . Each craving presents a different ‘challenge’. What works on one might not work on another. Eventually you will develop a series of specific ‘mental tools’ to deal with each individual craving. When you respond successfully to a single craving to smoke, your confidence goes up. You become stronger. It becomes weaker. As you learn more about your habit and develop your skill, you are able to respond successfully to every craving you experience. When you can do this, you will be a non-smoker. Treat this course as a journey from smoker to non-smoker.  Become more familiar with the way your mind is tricking you. All your efforts will be worth it.

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