Stillness Meditation For 21 Days by Nivritti Yoga

Udemy course Stillness Meditation For 21 Days by Nivritti Yoga

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  • Author: Nivritti Yoga
  • Course rating: 4.8
  • Category: Health & Fitness
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Abouth Nivritti Yoga

Bringing out the practices and knowledge from authentic Yogic tradition that can easily become part of the lifestyle.

Stillness Meditation For 21 Days

What the udemy Stillness Meditation For 21 Days course teaches?

What you’ll learn Build a habit of meditation with 21 days progressive series of meditation. Calmness through stillness. Be better at handling unpleasant situations around yourself. Experience greater clarity and peace. The joy of beginning a spiritual journey, under a authentic tradition.

Build a Habit of Meditation to Cultivate focus and peace.

More information about the course Stillness Meditation For 21 Days

Inspired by the notion that it takes 21 days to create a habit , each 21-Day Meditation is ideal for beginners as well as for advanced practitioners. with this course, the body becomes still and the mind experiences peace. Our mind is like a little child. If you order a child to do something, he will quite often do the opposite. There appears to be a rebelliousness, a need to defy. The mind acts in the same way. If you force the mind to forget the body and be aware of another subject, it seems to suddenly develop a fascination for the body. The more you try to forget the body, the more difficult it becomes. Knowing this tendency of the mind, this course adopts a contrary approach. That is, it almost forces the mind to be aware of the body for a long period of time. The mind, as usual, rebels. The mind automatically tries to think of something else and it forgets the body. And this is exactly the aim of meditation practices. After practicing intensely every day you will find that the awareness spontaneously directs itself inwards and the Mind is calm and with peace. The Meditation technique followed in this course is traditionally known as Kaya Sthairyam. Meditation is a state that arises when following a meditation technique. Meditation techniques usually consist of one sitting still in one of the classical meditation postures. One ensures the body is still and comfortable. One’s awareness is withdrawn from the senses and is directed inwards. One begins to steady the mind by the process of Kaya Sthairyam. Then one gives a ‘concentration method’ to the mind such as ‘watching the breath or repeating a mantra mentally to oneself. In time and with practice, one’s awareness begins to merge with the object of meditation. If one is fortunate the state of meditation and bliss arises which is beyond the ability of words to describe. The first stage is Pratyahara or detachment from the senses. The second stage is Dharana or Steadying the mind The third stage is Dhyana or mindless attention… merging. The fourth stage which arises of its own accord is Samadhi or Bliss which defies description Kaya sthairyam is a basic practice of concentration on the steadiness of the body.

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