Step-by-step Algebra Essentials: from 0 to Hero! by Gregory Braining

Udemy course Step-by-step Algebra Essentials: from 0 to Hero! by Gregory Braining

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  • Author: Gregory Braining
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Step-by-step Algebra Essentials: from 0 to Hero!

What the udemy Step-by-step Algebra Essentials: from 0 to Hero! course teaches?

What you’ll learn Factoring and Simplifying Linear Expressions including combining Like-terms, taking out GCF from all terms, factoring by grouping Concepts of Exponents/Powers, Radicals/Surds, including Laws and Properties of Exponents, Radicals, Fractional Powers Perfect Square and Cube Numbers, Evaluating Powers; Square and Cube Roots Dealing with Exponents and Surds including Simplifying Surds and Rationalizing the Denominator (including ‘CONJUGATES’) Simplifying Algebraic Expressions involving Exponents Solving Exponential Equations with the same and different bases (using also Logarithms) Solving Irrational Equations Solving Linear equations including Equations with Fractions, Variables on both sides Advanced Linear Equations Solving Linear Inequalities including Inequalities with Fractions, Compound Inequalities Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities The concept of a Formula in Maths and other subjects including Rearranging the Formulae Making Subject of More Complicated Formulas involving Roots, Fractions, Square Roots Solving Systems of Linear Equations in 2 Variables by Using Substitution and Elimination techniques Expanding Algebraic Expressions, multiplying out, opening up double brackets, Difference of Squares Formula, Cube of Binomials Factoring Quadratic Expressions (trinomials) by using trial and error method, Magic X Trick Solving Quadratic Equations by using multiple techniques such as Magic X Trick, Completing the Square Method, Quadratic Formula Word Problems related to Linear and Quadratic Equations Solving Quadratic Inequalities Finding Slope/Gradient and y-intercept of a Straight Lines including Lines passing through Two given points Plotting (Graphing) Straight Lines/Linear Functions on a Cartesian Plane Idea of Sequences including Writing out the n-th term of a Linear Sequence Concepts of Relations and Functions including Types of Relations, Domain, Codomain, Range, Image and Object; Inverse and Composition of Functions Simplifying Rational Expressions Finding the Excluded Values/Domain of Algebraic Fractions/ Rational Expressions Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Expressions Solving Specific problems such as Finding the sum of First Natural numbers, finding the smallest integer number satisfying a Compound inequality and more! Logarithms, including Laws of Logarithms, two special logs, Change of the base formula Expanding and Condensing Log Expressions Basic Logarithmic Equations and more Advanced Log Equations Solving Percentage and Ratio Problems Show more Show less

Learn Algebra: Equations, Inequalities, Quadratics, Powers, Radicals, Logs & More with very detailed instructions!.

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THIS IS STEP BY STEP ALGEBRA FOUNDATIONS  GUIDE TO HELP YOU OUT WITH ONE OF THE MOST TOUGH SUBJECTS IN THE WORLD This Course ‘Step by Step Algebra Essentials: from 0 to Hero’ contains Video Tutorials with very detailed explanations and Multiple Examples to get you a firm grasp of Solving Problems and become more confident and proficient in learning Mathematics. We will kick off from basic Algebraic Expressions and build up to Factoring and Solving Quadratics and of course more… This Algebra Course is split up into following sections: Basic Algebraic Concepts: Algebraic Expressions, Like Terms Simplifying and Factoring Algebraic Expressions Powers/Exponents Roots/Radicals/Surds Exponential Equations Irrational Equations Equations with Fractional Powers Linear Equations Linear Inequalities Absolute Value Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities Formulas and Evaluating Formulas Rearranging the Formulas/ Making the Subject of the Formula Simultaneous Linear Equations in 2 Variables Expanding Expressions Quadratic Equations Quadratic Inequalities Straight Lines Sequences Relations & Functions Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions) Percentage Ratio Specific Problems you might encounter MY BONUS: COMMON MISTAKES Students make; TIPS and TRICKS from My Personal Experience HERE IS WHAT YOU WILL GET INSIDE OF EACH SECTION: Video Tutorials : Explanations of Basic Algebraic concepts and tons of Examples to help to get the hang of it. Tutorials also provide Standard Algebraic Problems and Solutions to them using different Methods and ways as well as more tricky advanced problems that you might come across when you learn Algebra. Quizzes : This is meant to check your grasp of the Topic. Pause, Try and See my Solution! Extra Problems : Some Tutorials include a bunch of multiple Problems related to a topic been taught so you have a great opportunity to polish your skills! YOU WILL ALSO GET: Lifetime access to the Course Friendly support in the Q&A section Udemy Certificate of Completion available for download 30-day money back guarantee! Enroll today! Are you ready to Build up, Polish, Hone your Algebra Skill set? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get the ball rolling! Gregory 😉 “TRAIN YOUR BRAIN!”!

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