Staying Strong Saying No by Anne Watkins

Udemy course Staying Strong Saying No by Anne Watkins

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  • Author: Anne Watkins
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Anne Watkins

Anne Watkins is a health and medical writer. She is a retired Lecturer in Critical Care Nursing and currently works as an Associate Lecturer in Health Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming at a leading UK medical school.

Staying Strong Saying No

What the udemy Staying Strong Saying No course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn how to say 'no' assertively Build up self-confidence Break the habit of being a people pleaser Learn to speak from your heart as well as your head

How to Say No Assertively And Protect Your Personal Boundaries

More information about the course Staying Strong Saying No

The ability to stand firmly and strongly in your personal space so that you can say no from a place of inner strength is a skill that many people struggle with. Of course there are many times when we are duty bound to say yes, but if you find yourself frequently feeling resentful, or drained when you cannot say no to someone, then you may well have created the habit of being a people pleaser. What lies at the root of this more often than not is the fear that by saying no we will be rejected and thought of as selfish. For most people this is a belief that has been deeply embedded since childhood when we learnt that to be selfish was to be bad and to be bad was to be unloved. One of the consequences of this in our adult lives is that we can run the unconscious belief that it is not possible to be loved and say no at the same time. Learning to stand strongly and firmly in your own personal power is about so much more than just finding a polite and assertive way to decline a request. It is about speaking your truth out loud, without fear, or guilt and without anxiety that you might rock the boat, be rejected, or disturb the peace. In this e-course you will discover how you can begin to release any unhelpful beliefs that may be limiting your natural authority and practice several exercises that you can use straight away to help you say no when you need to and stop giving your power away. Testimonials Like so many other people today, I’ve found it harder and harder to say ‘no’ to things. After a steep learning curve I realised that this is untenable and ultimately shows a lack of respect for my own needs. This course has been invaluable in helping me find the ability to say ‘no’ and reconnect with my own authenticity’. Eva Leppard, Australia

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