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Udemy course Spring 5.0 Microservices by Packt Publishing

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  • Author: Packt Publishing
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Spring 5.0 Microservices

What the udemy Spring 5.0 Microservices course teaches?

What you’ll learn Explore ways to avoid pitfalls while developing microservices Manage internet-scale microservices using Docker, Mesos, and Marathon Scale twelve-factor Spring Boot microservices using the Spring Cloud project Familiarize yourself with Docker and container technologies Use Docker Hub for pushing and pulling dockerized microservices Gain insights into the most popular container orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes Understand the deployment and automation aspects of microservices with DevOps

A practical and user-friendly approach to building microservices in Spring

More information about the course Spring 5.0 Microservices

Spring is one of the most popular choices among Java developers when it comes to developing applications for enterprises or the web. This course is designed to help you implement microservice architecture in Spring Framework, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud. You will get started by understanding the guidelines for implementing responsive microservices at scale. After this, you’ll get up to speed with how Spring Boot can be used to deploy serverless autonomous services without the need for a heavyweight application server. As you cover later chapters, you’ll explore advanced topics, such as deploying your microservices to Docker and managing them with Mesos. By the end of this course, you’ll have developed the skills you need to implement microservices using the Spring framework and use them in internet-scale deployments with the help of real-world examples. About the Author Rajesh R V is a seasoned IT architect with extensive experience in diversified technologies and more than 18 years of airline IT experience. He received a degree in computer engineering from the University of Cochin, India, and he joined the JEE community during the early days of EJB. During his course as an architect, he worked on many large-scale, mission-critical projects, including the new generation passenger reservation system (iFly Res) and the next-generation cargo reservation system (Skychain, CROAMIS) in the Airline domain. At present, as a chief architect at Emirates, Rajesh handles the solution architecture portfolio spread across various capabilities, such as JEE, SOA, NoSQL, IoT, cognitive computing, mobile, UI, and integration. At Emirates, the open travel platform (OTP) architected by him earned the group the prestigious 2011 Red Hat Innovation Award in the Carved Out Costs category. In 2011, he introduced the innovative concept of the Honeycomb architecture based on the hexagonal architecture pattern for transforming the legacy mainframe system. Rajesh has a deep passion for technology and architecture. He also holds several certifications, such as BEA Certified Weblogic Administrator, Sun Certified Java Enterprise Architect, Open Group Certified TOGAF practitioner, Licensed ZapThink Architect in SOA, and IASA global CITA-A Certified Architecture Specialist. He has written Spring Microservices and reviewed Service-Oriented Java Business Integration by Packt Publishing. Niyazi Erdogan is a Senior software developer and DevOps engineer and based in Switzerland. He has over 10 years of experience in various fields, namely Telecom, Industries, Healthcare and more. He is also a AWS certified solutions architect. He looks over the development of different softwares right from scratch until production. He has worked in various multi national companies in different locations, namely in Turkey, Portugal and Switzerland. His previous working experience were in Turkcell technology research and development, NETAS, Siemens and Roche to name a few. He also is an Udemy instructor.

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