Side Effects of Crystal Healing by Alina Trelesnik

Udemy course Side Effects of Crystal Healing by Alina Trelesnik

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  • Author: Alina Trelesnik
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Abouth Alina Trelesnik

I am a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH), Advanced Crystal Practitioner (ACP), and a Level III Crystal Reiki Master. I got my certification through Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy. I have been working with crystals for 5 years and successfully used them for my personal benefit, as well as for others.

Side Effects of Crystal Healing

What the udemy Side Effects of Crystal Healing course teaches?

What you’ll learn The downsides of using crystals for healing and personal purposes. What to watch out for when implementing crystal healing in your daily life.

What to Be Cautious of When Using Crystals for Healing

More information about the course Side Effects of Crystal Healing

Use code NEWYEARS2021 to get this course FREE . This promotion expires on January 3, 2022 . Use code JAN2022 to get this course for $12.99 . This promotion expires on January 29, 2022 . When crystals are used for healing and everyday needs, the precautions listed are usually related to their toxicity and fragility. Those are, of course, to be kept in mind when working with crystals. However, there are also energetic effects that crystals may have that are not necessarily beneficial and can even be detrimental to the healing process. This is NOT the class that is meant to deter anyone from using crystals for healing and everyday needs. This IS the class that is meant to expand the knowledge base for anyone who has worked with crystals for any length of time and could be wondering if they have experienced the “side effects” of their use. Aromatherapy, laser therapy, natural supplements, and prescription medications have side effects. Some smells can trigger allergic reactions or respiratory issues in people who have asthma. If my students have ever done laser treatments – or know someone who did – they probably know about the list of “what can go wrong after treatment” that is handed to a client in the office. Flaxseed oil, while being wonderful all around, has blood-thinning qualities, and is not recommended for those who take blood thinners. Any prescription medication will have a list of possible side effects on an insert in the package. This class is focused on the energetic side effects of using crystals in everyday life for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. The information and advice contained in this class are in no way to be considered a substitute for consultation with licensed medical practitioners. The metaphysical information is based on the instructor’s personal experience, beliefs, and research. Results will vary for everyone and are not guaranteed. Always use common sense with spiritual information and crystals. Any use of the information in this class is at the students’ own discretion and risk.

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