SAT Math from Beginner to Expert by Yousef Marey

Udemy course SAT Math from Beginner to Expert by Yousef Marey

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  • Author: Yousef Marey
  • Course rating: 3.8
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Yousef Marey

At a young age, I’ve always loved to teach my friends math, especially SAT math. As a young tutor, I try my best to strive in order for my students to understand what’s going on as I believe this is a duty of every tutor. I’ve decided to create an inexpensive (at least compared to other tutors) course on Udemy to help people from all over the world. I also have a discord server linked with the course as I hope I can help in any way possible. Good Luck!


What the udemy SAT Math from Beginner to Expert course teaches?

Fundamentals of the lessons in SAT math QAS questions answered with deep precision prerequisites of the SAT Math

Learn with precision about the SAT math.

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Description I get it. SAT Math can seem confusing, especially since a lot of people learned math through computation. However, this course is here to break the habit. With an explanation of every topic on the SAT math section, you will get an insight of the topics and questions. Keep in mind that the SAT is very different from any school test. You may know calculus, but still do poorly on SAT math questions. This is because I believe the SAT does not test you on the knowledge, but rather how to critically think from just basic fundamentals of math. This is why a lot of the SAT problems are wordy, but who said wordy problems are hard? In this course, you will learn how to approach wordy problems on the SAT. With these skills, you can approach the QAS questions on the SAT. This course is different from other SAT Math courses on Udemy (though to be fair, not all) as it has an explanation of every topic on SAT math with an explanation of questions regarding these topics, and a short mini quiz from QAS questions for every topic to test your understanding. While there is a whole section called the “no-calculator section,” most of the math on the SAT consists of the calculator section, and in that section, you should use the calculator to your advantage. Now, I do not recommend checking that 1 + 1 = 2 as that is merely a waste of time. However, what I do recommend throughout this course is calculator tricks that you can use instead of actually writing the steps down. For example, did you know that there are ways to instantly solve a pair of simultaneous equations without writing any steps? In this course, I’ll show you how to do that. I, as Yousef Marey, am confident that this course will help you on your SAT math journey. Good luck! Who this course is for: Students who desire to learn the fundamentals of SAT math Students who would like to improve their understanding of SAT math questions Students who want to improve their SAT math score Show more Show less

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Basic arithmetic