SAP Supply Chain : Learn EDI & Idocs Interface Architecture by Abdul Maulud

Udemy course SAP Supply Chain : Learn EDI & Idocs Interface Architecture by Abdul Maulud

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  • Author: Abdul Maulud
  • Course rating: 4.3
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Abouth Abdul Maulud

I am a SAP Solution Architect with over 25 years of industrial and SAP experience working in the Logistic Supply Chain Management (SCM) consulting space, covering the SAP modules of SD, MM, IM and WM and even 3rd party SAP software such as Ortec and I2 Loadbuilder.

SAP Supply Chain : Learn EDI & Idocs Interface Architecture

What the udemy SAP Supply Chain : Learn EDI & Idocs Interface Architecture course teaches?

What you’ll learn Understand the End to End process flow and the use case of interfaces in the Supply Chain Learn to implementing and build an end to end EDI solution for the Supply Chain Understand the core concepts for building EDI interfaces (using SAP) for the supply chain Understand the components when designing an EDI – SAP interface solution (EDI standards, Middleware, and SAP) Learn about the role of the middleware & how to do mappings in the interface Learn about SAP Idocs structure and how the work Configure message outputs as to create Idocs Configure and use the Idoc (partners) in SAP (transactions WE20) Learn about Enhancing an Idoc using ZIdocs and ZSegments Using our cheetsheet, configure and setup incoming and outgoing Idocs in the SupplyChain Learn all of the setting and values that make Idocs work in SAP (PGI, create inbound deliveries, etc) Understand the core concept of Proxy server in SAP and how they should be used. Key skills requried to be a SAP SCM Solution Architect Prepare for SAP Supply Chain or SAP EDI / Idoc interview Apply the Best Practices when it comes to building a SAP interface Show more Show less

Understand and Implement an E2E Supply Chain EDI solution by using industry standards, middleware, Idocs in SAP S/4

More information about the course SAP Supply Chain : Learn EDI & Idocs Interface Architecture

Future proof your career by expanding your knowledge into SAP EDI Supply Chain, one of the most in demand skills in today’s SAP market. Added for 2022 : Debugging SAP Enterprise Services / Webservices Interface. This is not just another Idoc or EDI course. SAP roles don’t stop at Idocs creation so why should this course! Instead, this course covers the how to implementation the Supply Chain Interfaces using industry standard messages (like EDIFACT and X12),  middleware,  and SAP Idocs.  If you want to know about SAP interfaces, this is the course. Want to improve your knowledge in SAP’s Supply Chain EDI technology? Want that role in SAP? Want to know how SAP inbound and outbound interfaces are configured and what values are required to get them work? Should you update the delivery date or confirmation date on a purchase order once it is confirmed? Or why the purchase order and sales order uses the ORDERS Idoc? This course answers all of that, and which cheat sheets! With today’s growing complexity in the area of Supply Chain and all most, if not all communication being done electronically, , having experience, expertise and knowledge in this area is essential in today’s job marketplace. That is why I am excited about this course. This course covers BOTH the business context how the process should work and how it is to be configured in SAP R/3, across the different modules in SAP. No other course will cover these SAP modules in this kind of scope as to give you an end to end vision of the SAP Supply Chain EDI & Idoc Architecture. This is usually the role of SAP SCM Solution Architect and it takes years of experience to understand all of the integration points. The course will cover Supply Chain topics such as : The Purchase Order & Sales Order model. This includes both order creation and order confirmation Outbound delivery, Post Goods Issue and ASN process and Idoc creation Shipment tendering and status updates Invoice creation and clearing Enterprise Services This course covers the Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM) , Purchasing, and Transportation, Account Receivable modules of SAP. On the SAP side, we will be covering The configuration of each and every Idoc used in the process. This includes both the partner determination and message outputs A cheat sheet so that you have all of the setting at your finger tips as to implement any of these Idcos What values, qualifiers and setting are required to process an inbound Idoc SAP “Best Practice” when implementing Idocs.

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