Russian Grammar Made Easy (For Beginners and Beyond) by ExpressRussian – Learn Russian with Darya

Udemy course Russian Grammar Made Easy (For Beginners and Beyond) by ExpressRussian – Learn Russian with Darya

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  • Author: ExpressRussian – Learn Russian with Darya
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Abouth ExpressRussian – Learn Russian with Darya

Hello! My name is Darya. I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Language Teaching. I am also certified as a Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language by the International Centre of Russian Language. Mastering 4 languages myself – Russian, Ukrainian, English, and French – gives me an in-depth knowledge of language learning methodology, as well as a solid understanding of languages’ structure.

Russian Grammar Made Easy (For Beginners and Beyond)

What the udemy Russian Grammar Made Easy (For Beginners and Beyond) course teaches?

What you’ll learn Russian alphabet & pronunciation Genders in the Russian language Russian cases Russian verbs and their conjugation Present, Past, and Future Tense in Russian Negative & question form of Russian sentences Russian sentence structure Russian adjectives Russian pronouns

Learn essential Russian grammar through supporting examples of real-life words and phrases with English translation

More information about the course Russian Grammar Made Easy (For Beginners and Beyond)

Are you just starting to learn Russian? Or maybe you have been studying Russian for a while already but your knowledge lacks structure? Do you find that most learning resources are missing something?  Apps, phrasebooks, courses dedicated to studying 1 topic – are all great but they almost never explain the WHY. They mostly teach you basic Russian vocabulary which leaves you exactly where you were – at the beginner level. Grammar books, on the other hand, are expensive, lengthy, and full of repetitions. Russian Grammar Made Easy is a unique course in the sense of content: it offers a simplified explanation of essential Russian grammar rules and gives plenty of supporting examples of words and phrases with translation into English. This way, you learn new words alongside grammar rules and see how easily you can create whole phrases by yourself in Russian, as well as understand the phrases in a text or in speech, just because you know what each word “does” in a phrase. Understanding how the Russian language is structured will help you go from basic to complex conversations, allow you to read and translate more advanced texts and unlock the words that were not covered in books or courses focusing on conversational Russian. Made by a professional teacher, the course is made in a way that allows you to progress at your own pace gradually building on the previous knowledge. The examples change from easy (basic words) to medium (combination of words) to advanced (sentences). Within each section, you are encouraged to do a small exercise that will let you practice what you’ve just learned and reinforce your vocabulary. By the end of the course, you will be able to produce a short text by yourself applying the knowledge you gained about Russian nouns, adjectives, verbs, and pronouns. This Russian language course includes: 3.5 hours of on-demand videos 10 well-structured sections with 80 lectures in total (3-5 min each) 10 PDFs with lesson notes and exercises combined for printing and studying convenience Lifetime access on any device – study anytime, anywhere, come back and review the materials Certificate of completion Russian Grammar Made Easy Course Structure Lesson 1. Russian alphabet and pronunciation Lesson 2. Gender of nouns. Plural of nouns. Lesson 3. Introduction to Russian cases. Lesson 4. Russian verbs: aspect and tenses Lesson 5. Present tense of verbs. Conjugation of verbs. Lesson 6. Past tense of verbs. Lesson 7. Future tense of verbs. Lesson 8. Russian sentence structure. Word order. Negative form. Question form. Lesson 9. Adjectives. List of the most common Russian adjectives and their conjugation. Lesson 10. Russian pronouns. The program of this course will continue to improve based on your feedback. Are you ready to crack on with learning Russian? Let’s go! / Poekhali!

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