Real Estate Investing: Learn How To Fix Up Your Fixer Upper! by Khari Parker

Udemy course Real Estate Investing: Learn How To Fix Up Your Fixer Upper! by Khari Parker

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  • Author: Khari Parker
  • Course rating: 4.2
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Khari Parker

Whether it’s online or in-person, I get joy and satisfaction from helping others to learn more about Real Estate & Personal Finances !

Real Estate Investing: Learn How To Fix Up Your Fixer Upper!

What the udemy Real Estate Investing: Learn How To Fix Up Your Fixer Upper! course teaches?

What you’ll learn Knowledge of the items and prices needed to perform specific projects around a house Understand how to perform a variety of home improvement projects around a house Understand the “why” and “how” behind home construction projects Learn the “Tricks of the Trades” that will allow you to save time and money on your construction projects How to Select and Manage a General Contractor (GC) who will rehab the property for you.

Explore Basic Carpentry Videos to Fix Items in your Rental Property

More information about the course Real Estate Investing: Learn How To Fix Up Your Fixer Upper!

***Updated November 2020*** Do you enjoy riding around looking at old houses? Have you always wanted to fix and flip a house but you were not sure where to start? Could you use some extra income in your life? Do you want to make money in Real Estate Investing? Are you a Homeowner, Landlord or Real Estate Investor who would like to save money by doing your own home repairs? Would you like to become knowledgable enough about Home Improvement, to hire the right contractors and know if they are doing their job properly? Would you like to learn how to “Fix” a “Fix and Flip” deal? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you! This course will teach you what you need to know to “Fix” many of the common problems that occur in your personal/investment properties. This course is dynamic and new lectures will frequently be added ! * Bonus Section * For those who decide you don’t want to make any repairs yourself, this course will also teach you how to Find, Select and Manage a General Contractor (GC) to have the repairs completed for you . Save Thousands of Dollars Fixing Your Own Houses The knowledge that you will gain from this course can save you thousands of dollars as a homeowner or investor and make you thousands of dollars as a handy man. Not only will you save money in labor costs, but you will save money in holding costs since you will no longer have to wait on contractors to squeeze you into their schedule. Learn in Real Time This course will be jammed packed with live action video that comes with in-depth  explanations. In these videos, the contractors take their time making repairs, which will insure that you fully comprehend the lesson at hand. Important concepts will be reinforced throughout the course to make sure that you get a solid understanding. You will see: Real live installs taking place on real live projects. Real life improvisation where you have to find shortcuts and work arounds. Days in the field just to watch “general” work being done around construction projects “Behind the scenes” footage of contractors in action! These aren’t just some boring “how to” videos that you can find on YouTube, you’re actually getting exposed to real life projects by real life investors , so there’s no need to spend hours searching online video sites since all of these videos will be contained in the course and updated frequently . The ultimate goal of this course is to give you enough knowledge to do your own home improvement OR to give you enough knowledge to know if a contractor is trying to “BS” you or not . What makes this course unique from the many real estate courses on the market is that it is designed for individuals who want to maintain their day job and who have little knowledge about real estate home repairs . The lessons will teach you the practical knowledge and the “in the field videos” will show you how we apply these principles in real life, to make high quality home improvements. It is a great course that will allow you to learn more about real estate while you begin to gain experience and generate a profit. It is also a great way to learn Rehabbing if you plan on doing the BRRRR method to real estate investing! This course covers all of the things that I wish I had known when I first began investing in real estate. I have placed an extra emphasis on teaching this course as if we were sitting in the same room, chatting about real estate investing and home improvement. In this course, I will take you on live “days in the field” where you get to see properties that we have worked on, properties that we are currently working on or properties that local contractors are working on. I will be updating this course often with new home improvement information and videos. Besides the extensive knowledge and resources that I provide you in this course, the biggest benefit, in my opinion, is the fact that you have access to ask me and your classmates questions, at any time in this …

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