Reaction Kinetics for A Level H2 Chemistry by Emily Wong

Udemy course Reaction Kinetics for A Level H2 Chemistry by Emily Wong

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Abouth Emily Wong

Hi! I am Emily Wong, founder of Emily Learning.

Reaction Kinetics for A Level H2 Chemistry

What the udemy Reaction Kinetics for A Level H2 Chemistry course teaches?

What you’ll learn reaction kinetics chemical kinetics A Level Chemistry speed of reaction rate equation rate constant reaction mechanism finding order of reaction factors affecting reaction rate catalysts

Rate of chemical reaction, order of reaction, rate equation, reaction mechanisms, factors affecting reaction rate

More information about the course Reaction Kinetics for A Level H2 Chemistry

Reaction kinetics is a study of the rate of a chemical reaction. In H2 A Level Chemistry. In this course, I break down the chapter into¬† small sections, and go through the concepts in detail.¬† We will also go through many examples and questions together, so that by the end of the course, you would have mastered what’s tested in A Level Reaction kinetics. In this course, we talk about: – What is rate of reaction, and the different types of rates that we look at – How the rate of formation of products and rate of consumption of reactants are related to one another. – how to follow the rate of reaction – how to find the order of reaction given experimental results, overall order of reaction and finding rate constant – how to find the units of rate constant – what is zero order reaction and characteristics of zero order reaction – what is first order reaction and characteristics of first order reaction – what is pseudo order reaction – what is half-life, and how to find half-life. – how to find reaction mechanism given rate equation, and how to find rate equation given reaction mechanism – factors that affect the reaction rate, and how to explain them for A level exam – Maxwell Boltzmann distribution curve, and when to use them for explanation – Different types of catalysts and examples. – Homogeneous catalysts, heterogeneous catalysts, autocatalysts and enzymes. This is the course that I conduct in my face-to-face tuition lessons. The complete course usually takes multiple 2- hour lessons. But now, you can build up your reaction kinetics foundation anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, and watch it any number of times you like. What are you waiting for?

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