Ransomware Survival Guide by Terry Cutler

Udemy course Ransomware Survival Guide by Terry Cutler

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  • Author: Terry Cutler
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Abouth Terry Cutler

Terry Cutler is a government-cleared Cybersecurity expert (a certified ethical hacker), and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the IT security and data defense firm Cyology Labs™ in Montréal, Canada. He specializes in the anticipation, assessment, and prevention of security breaches for governments, corporations, businesses, and consumers, as well as Internet Safety for Children.

Ransomware Survival Guide

What the udemy Ransomware Survival Guide course teaches?

What you’ll learn Students will know what to do Before, During and After a Ransomware Attack

What every business and individual needs to Know Before, During, After an Attack

More information about the course Ransomware Survival Guide

Ransomware came roaring back with a vengeance in 2017 and promises attacks on consumer electronics in 2018. This type of malware gets its name from the payment it demands after locking away victims’ files has quickly become one of the top types of cyber-attacks. Only 4 in 10 companies have a strategy in place to deal with Ransomware, and of those 4, 1 would go bankrupt and close their doors forever. With the raise of the price of bitcoin, it could cost 10s of thousands of dollars to get your data back if you get hit and that’s besides business disruption, remediation costs, and a diminished brand. Ransomware is out of control right now and technology is having a very difficult time trying to stop it. This means it’s all up to us, the human firewall to prevent it. This tutorial will guide you on what to do Before, During and After a Ransomware Attack. Be sure to check out my blog at TerryCutler[dot]Com for more educational videos.

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