Raising SuperLearners™: Prep Your Kids for Lifelong Learning by Jonathan Levi

Udemy course Raising SuperLearners™: Prep Your Kids for Lifelong Learning by Jonathan Levi

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  • Author: Jonathan Levi
  • Course rating: 4.0
  • Category: Parenting & Relationships
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, and keynote speaker born and raised in Silicon Valley.

Raising SuperLearners™: Prep Your Kids for Lifelong Learning

What the udemy Raising SuperLearners™: Prep Your Kids for Lifelong Learning course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to make learning of all kinds fun & engaging for children The strategies and frameworks used by the parents of gifted children to set them up for success in life The core psychological and pedagogical concepts that top educators and mentors use to amplify a child’s potential Educational games and activities that you can leverage to teach your child useful information How to adjust your attitude and outlook in a way that is beneficial and advantageous to your child’s development The secrets to raising a child who is confident, determined, and motivated enough to succeed, no matter what life throws their way

Set your children up for a life of continued, rapid, & effortless learning, with these foundational SuperLearner skills.

More information about the course Raising SuperLearners™: Prep Your Kids for Lifelong Learning

The world is changing. Fast. Whether you look towards science, technology, health, politics, or culture, one thing is universally clear: Today’s Children Will Grow Up In A Totally Different World Than They Were Born Into But with such rapid and unprecedented changes to the way that humans live, how can we, as parents, teachers, siblings, or mentors, prepare today’s children to succeed in life? How can we groom children for the future if we have no idea what it will look like? In all truth – there is only one way: Prepare Them To Learn Anything & Everything Faster & More Effectively In Raising SuperLearners, you’ll join the creators of one of Udemy’s most successful and highest ranking courses of all time, Become a SuperLearner, a blockbuster course that has helped over 100,000 adults from all over the world read faster, remember more, and learn more effectively. In this all-new course, they’ve created a comprehensive methodology, designed and adapted to help groom the next generation of SuperLearners. Based on years of refinement and research done Dr. Lev Goldentouch and his wife Anna, and time-tested with their own gifted children and students, this course gives you the tools, frameworks, and exercises to help prepare your children for lives rich with curiosity, enjoyment, and enthusiasm for learning. From adjustments to your attitudes and belief systems, to specific games and exercises to play with your children, this course offers parents both new and experienced a look into the minds (and homes) of two parents who’ve made a living out of giving kids a “leg up.” Additionally, the course will explore these methods and strategies from the perspective of the child. It will compare and contrast the techniques to the techniques used by Jonathan Levi’s parents to transform him from a failing student with learning disabilities to a successful entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, by assessing various examples, and hearing, for the first time ever, how they influenced Jonathan’s own development. The course is comprised of easy-to-view lectures and fun exercises that you, as a parent, teacher, or adult, can practice with the children in your lives to accelerate their learning, without suffering or boredom on either side. We look forward to seeing what your children will achieve! So enroll today and learn how you, too, can begin Raising SuperLearners.

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