Udemy course QUIT DRINKING AND START LOVING YOUR (SOBER) LIFE by Pamela Rueda Devenport

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  • Author: Pamela Rueda Devenport
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Abouth Pamela Rueda Devenport

I’m a Certified Recovery Coach and SHE RECOVERS Coach. I’m grateful to call myself an alcoholic in recovery (10 years on the journey), as my truth empowers me and helps me share hope. Addiction is a big battle – and healing begins with honesty and self-compassion. I think we need to stop shaming ourselves – and instead, forgive ourselves. NOW is a good place to be. TODAY is a good day to start. You CAN DO THIS. I would love to help. Feel free to reach out – XO, P. pamela@mybadassrecovery.com



What you’ll learn How to identify if you have a problem with addiction How to quit drinking How to create an action plan to find sobriety How to regain power (from a toxic behavior or addiction) and love your life How to get sober

How to stop dulling your shine with wine (or drugs), and set yourself free.

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QUIT DRINKING AND START LOVING YOUR (SOBER) LIFE:: THE COACHING COURSE You’re probably reading this because you have a complicated relationship with booze (or drugs). Let’s see – which one is you? 1. You drink a bit much, and are starting to wonder why you keep doing this to yourself. 2. You are convinced you have a problem with drinking, but can’t seem to figure out the “quitting” part. 3. You used to be sober, but have relapsed (been there!). 4. You are sober, but life feels so “meh” and colorless that you miss drinking, frankly. I’ve been in every one of those stages – and I know how they suck, hard. Mostly they suck because you feel you are at war with yourself – one minute you are determined to quit; the next one you are giving yourself a pass. Worse still, the world around you seems to be intent on adding booze to every social event – and they say things like “why don’t you just show up and have only two”. As if I could. On the other hand – fast forward a bit here – I also remember when I got sober. As grateful as I was for my new way of living, my sobriety was strange and uncomfortable. It was focused on not drinking and in a ritualistic routine that overwhelmed me almost as much as the old obsessions did. All of those feelings are a million lives away from how I feel today. Today I feel fully alive. My mind, my soul and my body feel like they belong to me, fully. My days do not revolve around whether I drink or not – but rather about the many ways I can “show up” daily. It’s all about possibilities. Yes, I still have crappy days. But even those feel different. Even then I have a choice about my feelings and actions. Even the worse day in recovery feels better than my best drunken days – it’s not a cliche, its my truth…and it can be yours. I have a course that teaches you the mindset, path and tools so you can find your way out of the alcohol (or drugs) insanity. Over 4 hours of video coaching to help you take a deep breath and finally break the cycle of pain. I won’t ask you if you are ready (because you will never quite feel there). I will tell you that you are. A true, expansive, powerful, badass life of sobriety is available to you. Let’s start working together, so you can find your way there. YOU CAN DO THIS. With you, all the way. Pamela Certified Recovery Coach, Life Coach, SHE¬†RECOVERS¬†Coach + Alcoholic in Recovery.

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