Python – From Beginner to Winner by Meir Gabay

Udemy course Python – From Beginner to Winner by Meir Gabay

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  • Author: Meir Gabay
  • Course rating: 5
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Meir Gabay

Hello there! My name is Meir and I’m a Shenkar graduate for Industrial Engineering (B.Sc). I taught Physics, Robotics, Electronics and programming with Python in Shenkar College. I worked work at NICE as Training Operations Manager for 4.5 years. One of my main objectives is to optimize all processes, across all training departments at NICE. I recently shifted to be a DevOps consultant at ProdOps, and if you wonder what’s DevOps, you can Google “aws devops/what-is-devops” (apparently it’s not allowed to share external links in this biography). Programming languages & frameworks that I’m working with: 1. Python 2. JavaScript (TypeScript) 3. Bash scripting My favorite programming languages are Python and JavaScript (TypeScript), and my favorite frameworks are Django (Python) and VueJS (JavaScript). Feel free to reach out if you want to consult/talk about any language/framework that I mentioned.

Python - From Beginner to Winner

What the udemy Python – From Beginner to Winner course teaches?

Fundamental concepts in programming and best practices The things you NEED to know, leaving out the things you ‘should’ know Maximum lecture duration is no more than 10 minutes Setting up a development environment Python 3 and its great features

Python course. Learn Python 3 basics from scratch, no need for any prior knowledge in programming.

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What is needed to take the udemy course Python – From Beginner to Winner

Enthusiasm for learning Python! Ask questions and be an active learner Feel comfortable with installing desktop applications